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Firstly good day to you all on this bright and sunny Friday afternoon, at least it is over here in Stanmore. The eagle eye amongst you would have noticed a few changes around here. The aim is to add more content to the site and fix a few parts of the site that hasn't been working properly. The Your Vision section for example hasn't been working correctly and I wasn't actually aware of this until very recently. So just a reminder that you can send in your own articles to be posted on the site just head over to the Your Vision section and the floor is yours.

So Arsène Wenger had his pre game press conference yesterday and I find it mildly amusing how one answer can spark such widespread debate, ok so it's not that amusing but you know what I mean. A question was put to Arsène about the away goals rule and Wenger responded with his opinion that he wants a rule change. Not because of our champions League exit but because the rule is outdated. It's not as if it is the first time he has brought this up.

This very subject appeared on a whatsapp group that I share with good friends of mine. I had missed the beginning of the conversation and it was quickly apparent that I was the odd one out. A few people were saying that it makes the competition exciting, or that it encourages the away team to attack and so on. I think all this sort of misses the point somewhat.

Why was this rule introduced in the first place? and yes that was a rhetorical question. I don't understand why we have rules in place for one competition and not for another. The point of home fixtures is so your crowd can give you an advantage by showing support/encouragement. The reason why these games are over two legs is to make it fair for both teams, so both teams play in front of their own fans. I'm not sure I buy into the argument that the 2nd leg at home gives that team the advantage. It entirely depends on both teams and how they play at home or away from home. For example let's say Oliver Giroud was on fire during the 1st leg in Monaco we could have won that game 4-1/4-2/5-2 without any exaggeration. The 2nd leg is now completely different. It is down to a team to negotiate two 90 minute games regardless of which way around the games fall.

So why do we need to give one team an advantage in one game but not in the other? Because we want to incentivise the away side to score some more goals for our entertainment right? Ok, so why do we accept an away team in the Premier League only picking up a point away from home for a 2-2 draw? If the away goal rule is a sensible rule then should we be giving an away team who manage a domestic score draw an extra point? No because that would be silly right? or would it encourage teams to attack more, completely ignoring the fact that it encourages teams (who are not Arsenal) to play for clean sheets at home and go against the point of home support.

It all rather reminds me a little of this?

How do we extract some more excitement from the game? How do we entertain the paying viewers a little more instead of enjoying the game as the game is? It's an argument full of grey areas I admit because many rules have changed such as the back pass rule, tackling from behind, offside's etc so I guess it is rather subjective.

Anyhoo, it all doesn't matter very much for a good few months at the very least but thanks Arsène, you've given us something to rattle on about.

Enjoy your Friday and back tomorrow with some more match stuff.

'til then.

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