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1) Hull City spent a bit of money during the pre season, have you under performed so far in your opinion?

@emilyandrew4 - Yes I do believe we have under performed somewhat, the fact that we are still fighting for safety to stay in the premier league tells the story. That said, injuries have been a big factor and really have not helped our cause at all.

2) Who has been your best player of the season so far and why?

@emilyandrew4 - Michael Dawson has been player of the season because since he has come to city he has shown great consistent performances since his first match. Now he has taken on the roll of the captain and he deserves that.

3) You have picked up some good results in recent weeks, especially last weeks beating of Liverpool. What do you put the good form down to?

@emilyandrew4 - I would put this down to us starting to be very desperate. We do not have many games remaining and the players are starting to realise that getting results now are vitally important. This is causing them to work as a team and put 100% effort into every game.

4) Will that victory give you even more confidence coming into the game tonight?

@emilyandrew4 - I think that the victory over Liverpool has give the team a lot more confidence and has reminded them of what they can do. Another performance again tonight and you never know.

5) How do you think Hull will approach the game tonight? Will you sit back or will you be trying to put us under pressure?

@emilyandrew4 - I think we will approach tonight's game very well and will go for the win or a draw, they will give it their all. There's no point sitting back against this class of strikers when we need the points.

6) Which Hull City players do you think can cause Arsenal problems?

@emilyandrew4 - I think Dame N'Doye is able to cause the Arsenal defence problems in front of goal. 5 goals in 11 games is a recent record.

7) Which Arsenal players do you worry about the most before the game?

@emilyandrew4 - I think we'll have to have to keep Giroud and Sanchez quiet during the game and make sure not to give them any space which is easier said than done.


Thanks to the Emily for the views above, especially for managing to provide these at late notice. Best of luck for the rest of the season, just not tonight.

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