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1) Looking at your home results compared to your away results this season, has there been a different approach from you away from Goodison Park this season?

@ConnorBennett14 - Definitely. At home we will look to dominate possession and play at our pace but away we will allow the home team to dominate while we look to play on the break. It worked brilliantly against Southampton and not so much away at Spurs.

@David_JS6 -  I don't think there has been a different approach in our away games compared to our home matches. I think the fixture list hasn't been too kind for our opening 10 games. Last years top 7 all in the first 10 matches. Chelsea, City, United and "That lot" across the park, I think it's too early to suggest a difference in approach whether home or away, Tough fixtures!

2) Ross Barkley looks to have developed as a player this season, what differences have you seen in him?

@ConnorBennett14 - He just looks much more comfortable and confident in himself. People forget that he has two injuries in recent years that have hampered his development and really, he is behind in his progression. He’s protected by the players behind him and the way Martinez gives him much more license to make mistakes than some others would, helps him because he is still young and liable to mistakes.

@David_JS6 - The major difference in Barkley this season is definitely his decision making. He is making the correct decision more often than not, last season it was the opposite. A season on he's also developing naturally, stronger faster and confidence is higher.

3) Which Everton players have impressed you so far this season and why?

@ConnorBennett14 - Tom Cleverley. I was hugely skeptical of the signing because I was never impressed by him at Man United but the way he played against us for Aston Villa last season was impressive. He does so much well, he keeps the ball and can link the play to a high standard. Huge bargain to get him on a free.

@David_JS6 - The young guns Galloway and Browning has impressed everyone I think. Filling in for Baines and Coleman is probably the hardest task at Everton, given our wing backs are usually the source of most of our attacks. With the tough fixtures we've had too I think defensively they've been solid! John Stones needs a mention, in my opinion he's the best centre back in Europe for his age, I do believe that!

4) Which Everton players do you think will cause Arsenal the most amount of problems today?

@ConnorBennett14 - If we can get our defensive solidarity back, Phil Jagielka. He loves to make the last ditch tackles and clearances, especially with through balls and dinks in behind, the type of balls it looks like Ozil, Cazorla and Sanchez love to play. If he is able to shake off last weekends performance, you may struggle getting balls in behind our defence.

@David_JS6 - Seamus Coleman will cause major problems if we get on the front foot. Sanchez does leave space on Arsenal's left hand side and I do think whether it be Gibbs or Monreal Arsenal are weak in that area and Coleman can attack from deep making it difficult to pick him up. Hopefully Deulofeu will be teaming up on our right with him too.

5) Which Arsenal players do you fear this afternoon and why?

@ConnorBennett14 - Alexis Sanchez, he can do it all. I loved watching him at Barcelona and thought it was a huge signing when you brought him in. I remember he struggled at Goodison last season but he looks a completely different player this season. He can seemingly score from anywhere and it looks like it takes him a split second to score. We’ll have to keep close to him.

@David_JS6 - I think Arsenal have a handful of players that can damage teams on their day, it's whether they turn up or not. I'm a massive fan of Aaron Ramsey I think he is a class act. Alexis Sanchez can be devastating, Walcott should be better than what his stats suggest with that pace and then Cazorla and Ozil in the mix. How don't Arsenal do better!!??

6) How do you think Everton will approach the game and are you confident of getting a result?

@ConnorBennett14 - Hopefully we’ll get back to playing a pressing game, similar to when we drew 1-1 a few years ago. I’m never confident when we travel to Arsenal away because we never ever win. It’s been nearly 20 years since we won, we have to break that hoodoo soon but I’m not confident that it will be today.

@David_JS6 -  We need a response to our very under-par performance against Man Utd last week. Last week was a bad day all round and I think every player will have been chomping at the bit to get back out onto the pitch to rectify it. Arsenal had a great result mid-week and hopefully might have gotten a little carried away, mix that with a good reaction from our lads and I think we can get a result today.

7) What would be a successful season for your boys this season?

@ConnorBennett14 - Winning a cup and, or getting back into Europe. As a fan who has never seen us lift a trophy, this is the most successful outcome for me, and probably a majority of fans who have waited for so long to see us win silverware. The goal overall has to be getting back into Europe, either the Champions League or Europa League. The Top 4 could be open if we start to pick up results but we would have to get a move on to achieve that.

@David_JS6 - Winning the Premier League would be successful. However being a realist I would be happy with Europa League qualification given the money other sides have spent, although top 4 and an FA Cup win would be fantastic and achievable.

  • 15 Sep 2015
    So let me stop reminiscing of days gone by and let me focus on our Welsh wonder. Let me start off by saying that I think it is quite obvious that Aaron Ramsey is better in central midfield. His partnership with Mesut Özil, his running from deep and his underrated ball winning ability makes him a ...Read more