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Tim Cahill Confident Socceroos Can Conquer China


The Socceroos’s star goal scorer Tim Cahill has stated boldly that his team will be the winner of this year’s Asian Cup. This comes after their stunning 2-0 win over China in suspense filled match held on Thursday this week. It is not surprising that Cahill can make such a seemingly defiant statement, if you consider that this talented striker was responsible for both goals in the match. The goals were sensational to say the least and scored with the flare that Tim Cahill has come to be known for. However you have to wonder whether Cahill should be so confident considering the team’s recent performances. The Socceroos have had a rough start in this year’s Asian cup. This is shown by the fact that the team has only managed to win only one match of the ten it has played so far. When this is logically factored in it would seem that the Socceroos are putting all their hopes on their top goal scorer.  Sportingbet review seem to think that Cahill has a lot of work cut out for him still.

Postecoglu confident in teams ability

Fortunately, it is not only due to Cahill that the Socceroos seem so sure of the prospect of winning the Asian Cup this year. Many people believe that the Socceroos coach Ange Postecoglu will have a large part to play if the Socceroos do win the cup. The source of this hope in Ange comes from the recent performance of the Socceroos in the world cup. Most people can remember that on the eve of the Asian Cup, the Socceroos were set to face Saudi Arabia. Despite being in obvious bad form, the team managed a narrow 3-2 win against Saudi Arabia and this was put down to Postecoglu’s tactical decisions. However the devastating 6-0 defeats at the hands of both Brazil and France, has allowed the Socceroos to really taste defeat. Many people know that some of the best teams in football were only able to achieve greatness only after experiencing great defeat. The Socceroos therefore are undoubtedly looking to rise after a great fall.

That quarter final match

In the Asian Cup quarter final match that took place in Brisbane, Australia, few people could have guessed what the final outcome would be. The Chinese who well known for their fortitude and resilience did not disappoint within the first half of the game. Although boring to watch their tactics worked well, and by the end of the half, all signs were pointing to a goalless 90 minutes. However, things took a remarkable turn in the second half. At only 3 minutes into the second half, Cahill made a stunning bicycle kick to drive the ball past Chinese goalkeeper Dalel Wang in a move that could have been likened to one of the best moments in football. The Chinese could hardly believe it when 18 minutes later; Cahill went on to successfully complete a cross from teammate Jason Davidson straight into the net. At this point, everyone felt that the match was over since it seemed that the Chinese defense had cracked. However no further goals were to follow as the Chinese goalkeeper had learnt his lesson and effectively blocked all attempts.

It seems to many detractors though that one man doesn’t make a team, and it remains to be seen whether Cahill will retain his current form. If he were to pick up an injury, then the Socceroos dreams could be over. However, if he stays fit and continues to deliver, from this spectacular performance it seems that the Socceroos might just take the Asian Cup this year.

The big transfer news last week was the arrival of Gabriel Paulista at the Emirates. The Brazilian's transfer from Villarreal adds strength in depth to the Arsenal defence and creates competition for places. At £11.2million, he looks like he could be a great-value addition. As well as securing Paulista's acquisition, Arsene Wenger also reduced the fee by agreeing to loan Joel Campbell to the La Liga side in return. As good a signing as Paulista could turn out to be, it could be argued that ensuring Campbell some first-team action was an equally shrewd bit of business.

Breakthrough Year

Campbell arrived at the Emirates from Deportivo Saprissa in his home country of Costa Rica in 2011 and he has already had a number of spells out on loan. Last season he scored 11 goals in 43 league appearances for Olympiakos. At the age of 22, and having picked up vital Champions League experience whilst in Greece and playing in the 2014 World Cup, Wenger thought that this could have been Campbell's breakthrough year. He therefore retained him as part of his first-team squad. Unfortunately for all concerned, the breakthrough has yet to materialise.

by  Ronnie Macdonald

Bright Spark

There is no doubting Campbell's raw talent, his pace and skill, but his fleeting appearances in the Premier League have suggested an inability to impose himself on a game. When Arsenal's season started disappointingly, with users of the betfair specialised betting app starting to wonder whether their bets on Arsenal to make the Champions League were safe, Campbell could have been the bright spark to turn things around. The injury to Olivier Giroud, in particular, should have been a catalyst for Campbell to force his way into the team. Instead, Wenger turned to Yaya Sanogo and then to Danny Welbeck to fill the void. It is clear that the Frenchman still does not think that Campbell is ready for a central role.

Everything to Gain

In loaning the Costa Rican to Villarreal, Wenger can watch him from a distance and assess whether he has what it takes to make an impression at the top level. At this moment in time, Campbell has minimal transfer value but if he excels in Spain, then he could attract interest in the summer. Wenger could then decide whether Campbell is in his plans or not and either cash in or give him a bigger role. Arsenal are losing nothing by loaning Campbell to Villarreal but they could be in line for a big gain if he proves his worth.

Your child’s bedroom is his or her personal space and should be decorated according to the little one’s taste and preferences. If your child happens to be a football fan, you may have to go the extra mile to decorate the room in that team’s colours. If that football team happens to be Arsenal, prepare yourself to deck the room in red and white.Kitting out your child’s room in team colours can be a fun affair for both of you. Think of the joy the room will give your child, not to mention the bragging rights it will earn from his or her friends. There is also the fact that your child will want to spend every free minute in the bedroom, leaving other areas of the house clean and clutter free.

Arsenal in a battle for Gabriel Paulista

The Gunners are expected to continue their transfer bid for Villarreal centre-back Gabriel Paulista. However, the completion of the deal before the deadline of the transfer window will not be a straightforward ordeal for the club as the 24 year old is experiencing problems in finalizing visa arrangements for the move.

The club will have to overcome a work visa hearing before the defender can play in England as regulations state that the player must have established himself as a Brazilian International player in order to attain the proper work permit.

Both Arsenal and the uncapped player are interested in negotiating a deal with reports claiming that a fee of £15 million has already been accepted by Villarreal for the centre back. Betting expert sites like are already speculating on the impact his arrival might have on the chances of the Gunners winning the Premier League title, however Paulista will first have to receive a work permit from the UK Home Office to be able to play as does not meet the automatic work permit criteria.

Rules state that only players who have played 75 percent of matches for a nation inside FIFA's top 70 within the past two years are eligible for a work permit, which rules the player out.

Arsenal now have to convince the Football Association panel that the player is an “exceptional talent” so therefore should be granted permission to work in the United Kingdom. The FA would then pass the recommendation to the Home Office giving them the final say on the matter.

According to reports from Spain, the Villarreal Manager Marcelino García admitted that “If both Gabriel and the club believe that his sale to Arsenal is the best for all parties, we will accept."

This comes as the Gunners have confirmed the transfer of polish youngster Krystian Bielik from Legia Warsaw for an amount though to be in the range of £2.5 million. The midfielder is expected to player with the Under 21’s side first before progression into the senior squad.






Arsenal's players must train harder and improve their form if they want to redeem themselves in front of their fans (and their selves, of course) after a mixed start of the current Premier League season. With eight matches behind them, Arsenal is on the 7th place of the League standings - out of all their matches they only managed to win one. According to Per Mertesacker, the team needs to improve to realize its potential.


Is the relationship between sport and business a healthy one in 2015?

Sports and business have always been close partners. On one side you have the talented athletes and their fans, while on the other side are the men and women that manage, promote, protect, etc., the athletes and their industry. Athletes need to be able to dedicate their attention to their performance and training so that they can make their sport the best it can be. The business managers make this possible.

Keeping it in perspective

All too often in the news, the emphasis is on the pay of sports players rather than on the greatness of the sport itself. When a sport seems to be “all about the money,” it can cease to be as fun and entertaining as it once was. Sports promoters and business managers have the challenge of refocusing the media’s eye on what is truly important about a sport. At the same time, sports managers have shareholders to answer to. This means they are often torn between what is best for the sport and what is best for profits and growth of the business. Unfortunately, good management does not always have the biggest impact on athletic performance. Studies have shown that larger salaries do in fact encourage athletes to perform better. This is no different than any other job. It is not surprising that a more significant reward leads to better performance results. Still, without sports business managers organising finances and investments, marketing to fans, etc., it would make it harder to provide larger salaries and more incentive to perform well and keep the attention and adoration of fans from all over the world.

Sporting success

The right business management can take a sport from low levels of fans and revenue to outstanding success. Football clubs are a perfect example. Just look at how Manchester United has gained in popularity over the years. Formula One used to be no more than a motor club, but it is easy to see from the bio of Max Mosley on that he and a few founding members saw the potential for motor racing with sport fans and undertook years of promoting the sport and building it up to what it is today.

During his FIA presidency, Mosley also tried to influence road safety in general as well as improving safety in motor sport. He was also responsible for organising an FIA office in Brussels to enable the organisation to influence motoring policy at the heart of Euro politics. This led to his appointment as honorary president of the European Parliament Automobile Users’ Intergroup. During his time in that post, Mosley created the Expert Advisory Safety Committee to conduct research into improving motor sport safety.

The future of sports and business

Sports and business will continue to be close partners in the future. The sports industry cannot flourish and run efficiently without managers that can look out for players and fans alike. While some sports may become more popular than others over the years, there will always be a need for good management and marketing. At one time, many people would have said that skateboarding and snowboarding would never be popular enough to be an Olympic sport. Those sports are now prime examples of how taste in sports can evolve and change over the years.

  • 15 Sep 2015
    So let me stop reminiscing of days gone by and let me focus on our Welsh wonder. Let me start off by saying that I think it is quite obvious that Aaron Ramsey is better in central midfield. His partnership with Mesut Özil, his running from deep and his underrated ball winning ability makes him a ...Read more