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Whether you play fantasy football with a group of rabid fans who follow the game closely and are always trying to get one up on you with the latest Brazilian wunderkid sensation who they swear will give them the edge this year, or you just want to follow up on the beautiful game you have spent your whole life following, mobile apps are a great way to get up to the latest minute information.

No matter the league you follow, the German Bundesliga, the Italian Serie A, English Barclay’s Premiere League, La Liga in Spain, the American Major League Soccer, the French Ligue 1, the Chinese Super League, the Turkish Super Lig, or some combination thereof, there is always information to be had about your favourite team’s and favourite player’s latest news.

And let’s be honest for a minute: for the friendly competition, all the banter with your contacts, what you really want to do is gloat in the glory of your long, hard-fought victory after your fantasy league is all said and done. So with that in mind, with all the information at stake for the diehard who has to know pretty much everything and with all the ongoing matches at the same time, how does one process so much information?

The specifics about every matchup includes pages of injury reports, who is and is not in form, potential trade rumours, who might be in the doghouse with the manager and will not see very much time on the pitch, advanced scouting reports, and live statistics as they unfold in game time.

So what are some of the best apps for all of this stuff? Without further ado, let’s take a look at some of the best footy apps out there on the market, for both main marketplaces in iOS or for Android.

Dream League Soccer

One of the top 10 sports games in at least four countries, including Turkey, Belgium, Singapore, and Italy, this sports management simulator is your mobile phone’s answer to football manager. No, it is not as nuanced as the popular sim on PC, it is still a fun romp that let you build a dream team of up to 32 players, including some custom-built from the ground up, smart artificial intelligence that will try to win one over on the trade front, the ability to actually play with your teams via a good control scheme and top-notch graphics, and four leagues within which you can put your skills to test.

Yes, this may be a simple mobile game, but this one has it all. For the ultimate challenge, develop your custom players to their full potential and meet the achievement targets on each board’s seasons by drafting and managing well to keep your AI fans happy while scoring high on the fan rating system.


Take a break from games like the above fun and diversions like to get into the meat and potatoes of the sport with an amazing go-to app like ESPN FC’s very own app. If you visit the website, then you know they have great comprehensive coverage of all the top European leagues, with special focus on all things MLS and Premiership-related, but also European football in general. This one is quite inclusive of most football fans’ interests, so check it out on either iOS or Android devices.


Now, for something a little less orthodox: the social app Bantr joins football fans from around the globe to talk about games as they go on in real time, with the ability to view live stats and even engage in friendly, well, banter with fans of other teams. That means healthy trash talk, of course, or just discussing the finer aspects of the beautiful game.

Of course, feel free to crowdsource football knowledge from diehards of other teams to gleam information you might not normally be privy to: for instance, for the diehard who closely follows the rumours and knows that based on last week’s performance, Arsenal is looking for goalkeeping help, you might not want to play their keeper on your fantasy team next week. Find knowledgeable fans with inside access and you might not have to follow up on general news sites anymore.

As the Boxing Day is nearing, the Top 4 Premier League contenders are settling in, and Arsenal is quite comfortably one of them. Man City is only ahead by the goals scored – and the upcoming game may just be the perfect opportunity to secure an advantage, seeing as they have a tougher opponent ahead than the Gunners.

In a perfect world, Liverpool would face Man City without missing so many key players to injuries, but they can still make their rivals work hard on the pitch. Plus, neither Sergio Aguero nor David Silva are expected to be fit enough to play, which really opens up a brilliant opportunity for Liverpool – and in turn, it may make Man City lose the cosy #1 spot.

Now this potential shift in the table can only do so much for the Gunners: the fact is, they need to win the upcoming game against West Brom. Seeing as the matches in Week 14, 15, and 16 will be against Norwich City, Sunderland, and Aston Villa respectively, it’s the perfect time to get way ahead of the contenders.

Out of the last five meets with West Brom, Arsenal won four and drew one, and the last game ended in 4:1, which would be ideal for this weekend‘s match, too. In fact, the UK-licensed bookie TonyBet gives Arsenal 1/2 odds at winning as opposed to 11/2 that West Brom got, so assuming the latter club doesn’t pull a West Ham on Saturday, this is one of the games that the Gunners will surely win.

The following weeks will open up quite a few chances to collect points, too, considering as it will be four games in a row where the Gunners are clear favourites. After all, they’re currently the second in line to win the whole League according to the TonyBet sportsbook – and the matches ahead may just leave Man City lagging behind, as opposed to being a strong leader.

Another upside of this schedule is that the injured players will have a chance to come back just in time when the meets are much tougher. Theo Walcott, Jack Wilshere, and Danny Welbeck are all expected to come back at different times, however, the team should be able to manage the upcoming steak without them fully well.

Alexis Sanchez, however, already played the full 90 minutes for Chile, so he should be good to go as of now, and both Aaron Ramsey and Hector Bellerin are expected to appear on the field, too. Even if it so happened that they weren’t actually fit enough yet, for once the timing is decent enough and the squad can make do even with a long injury list.

The time is right for Arsenal to strike. After these four favourable weeks, it’s going to be Man City that the Gunners will have to try and beat, and by that time it would be ideal to have all key players healthy and the squad having had a proper taste of victory. And following that, it’s a straight race for the title!

As we get closer and closer to the January transfer window, more and more rumours are starting to circulate about forwards making the move over to the Emirates.

Karim Benzema is the name constantly linked, and with the controversy surrounding him, Real Madrid could be persuaded to part with the Frenchman. But who would you like to see take the number 9 shirt at the Emirates?

Naturally Benzema would be a good fit, whilst Celta Vigo striker Nolito has been hinting he could leave during the winter.

Personally, we’d like to see a real superstar come in. An Aguero type, or someone with the traits of Messi or Ronaldo, perhaps even a combination of the three. Agu-ess-do if you like.

What’s brilliant is that we’ve managed to create exactly that with Coral’s new Game Face page. He may not be the prettiest looking footballer, and is certainly no Olivier Giroud, but imagine what he would bring to the table. A perfect left and right food, tenacity, skill, speed, power. A player which would comfortably take the Gunners beyond City and to the top of the league.

Of course, this is just a pipe dream, but with the Christmas period on the horizon, we can certainly hope…

Let us know who you would love to see come into the squad in January, whether it be a concoction of your own or one of Europe’s free-scoring forwards.


Freddie Ljungberg has been one of the most prominent Arsenal players for a long time. Despite the fact he has been officially retired for 3 years, Swedish bookmakers still believe that he is going to come back to the Big Game. And they have reasons for that. After successfully playing for nine years at Arsenal FC and then going on to play for other international teams, Freddie Ljungberg has announced his retirement in 2012. Naturally, that was not a good news for football clubs which were counting to sign him – just after the player quitted from the Japanese club Shimizu S-Pulse.

To the fans' delight, after not so long time Freddie's name appeared in the newspapers again. In May 2013 he was announced the official ambassador of Sweden's Arsenal. While that was not exactly the news Freddie's fans wanted to see, at least that meant he is not going to leave football completely.

However, Freddie's supporters were again defeated by the news of his marriage next year. In June 2014 the magazines around the world trumpeted about 37-year-old Freddie Ljungberg marrying beautiful 26-year-old Natalie Foster, a daughter of the London taxi tycoon. After all, why should one continue playing football when they have such a wonderful young wife?

Actually, it was only one month that Freddie lived the “ordinary” family life. In July the same year he was already signed by Mumbai City FC which turned out to be a real revelation among both Freddie's and Indian fans. The former were happy to see him back on the field while the latter were more than proud to have this strong international player engaged in their football team.

All that could be a happy ending of the story, however, it didn't take long for Freddie Ljungberg to quit. After only four games played, he decided to end the contract and return to his home in London.

What is he going to do next? Apart from shooting for Calvin Klein's underwear or representing Puma and Pepsi, Fredrik still can make another unpredictable twist and come back to playing football. After all, the man who has been successfully playing professional football from 14 years cannot just quit and fully forget about his passion. Freddie's admirers still hope that he will think everything over once again and come back to the field – at least to let those enthusiastic bookmakers to have more confidence in their stakes.



Despite our midfield (or lack of) came under fire for most of yesterday’s game for being overran, outfought, and outnumbered by Tottenham in the first half, there is more than enough evidence to suggest that we’ll will still finish above them once again this season. Three reasons alone why you would be too many yards between the goal posts to think otherwise:

Arsene Wenger

Love him or despise him, our manager knows his football. Leading us to qualification for the Champions League for an eighteenth consecutive season speaks volumes about the levels of what we are able to achieve. Time and time again we have many doubters, but Arsene and his side continue to prove the doubters wrong. With this man at the helm and the fact Tottenham haven’t finished above us since 1993, any betting man would favour the statistics. Arsene knows what it takes to reach the top four. History tells us reaching the top four means finishing above Tottenham, and to bet against his team doing it again would be very naive, even for a Tottenham fan.

Mesut Ozil

The magician in the middle of the field. His lazy demeanour often comes under close scrutiny from opposition fans and poor journalists, but what many people fail to appreciate is Mesut Ozil’s undoubted footballing ability, tearing apart many opposition defences this season and last. The 2014 FIFA World Cup winner is criminally underrated, largely due to a quiet patch last season and his transfer fee. He is the one who makes us tick.

Ozil set a Premier League record yesterday – setting up Kieran Gibbs’ equaliser means the playmaker has now recorded an assist in six consecutive games. Despite our central area being dominated yesterday, the quality in our midfield was still able to drag out a result. You’d be foolish to think that Tottenham’s good start, by their standards, gives them a chance of finishing above us.

Quality, quality, squad depth and quality

Whilst Mauricio Pochettino’s side are improving, they still cannot compete man-for-man with our squad.

Cech Lloris

Over the course of 38 games in the Premier League, our quality will prevail. Even with our exceedingly long injury list over the past few seasons, we were able to finish above them. Even with our exceedingly long injury list yesterday, we still held them to a draw in what they classed as their best performance of the season…

The second North London derby this season is the first weekend of March at White Hart Lane – save this link for then: a Betway free bet which you can use for backing us to pick up three points ;)

  • 15 Sep 2015
    So let me stop reminiscing of days gone by and let me focus on our Welsh wonder. Let me start off by saying that I think it is quite obvious that Aaron Ramsey is better in central midfield. His partnership with Mesut Özil, his running from deep and his underrated ball winning ability makes him a ...Read more