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Every Arsenal fan knows unless a miracle happens, Alexis Sanchez will be leaving Arsenal this summer and it appears the club is already working to sign a replacement for want-away Chilean. This is as reports claim Arsenal are interested in signing Antoine Griezmann in the summer.

And to further buttress the reports, various bookmakers are also starting to hint at a possible surprise Griezmann to Arsenal deal. The 26-year-old was reportedly on the verge of joining Manchester United last summer but for the transfer ban slammed on Atletico Madrid.

Griezmann was just few days ago 10/1 odds to join Arsenal from the likes of betulator but after current Arsenal striker Alexandre Lacazette announced he would try to convince Griezmann to sign for Arsenal the odds have been shorted to just 4/1.

Although Manchester United are likely to still be interested in signing the Frenchman next summer, but does Arsenal have any chance?

It is obvious Sanchez will leave Arsenal either in January or in the summer transfer window and signing Griezmann will make perfect sense but will Wenger sanction such a deal especially considering Atletico Madrid are very unlikely to agree to sell him for less than his £92 million release clause (which is only valid in January, it becomes £184m next summer) especially as they can get same elsewhere?

Arsenal and Arsene Wenger will know that they can’t afford not to buy a replacement for Sanchez should the South American leave this summer. Most Arsenal fans would certainly like to retain Sanchez and just add to the team but with Manchester United, Chelsea and Manchester City, who are much more ambitious than Arsenal still interested in him, it will be a big surprise if the former Barca star remains an Arsenal player beyond this season.

Signing Griezmann will certainly make sense but I personally believe Wenger won't do such a deal not because Griezmann isn't good but because of the amount of money involved. Wenger is more likely to go for Julian Draxler rather than Griezmann as Sanchez's replacement. It is a shame but it is one fact that most Arsenal fans who are not deluded will agree to. Inasmuch as Wenger remains Arsenal's manager, Arsenal are very unlikely to spend 100 million on a single player.

If Griezmann leaves Atletico in the summer, and I think he will, he is more likely to go to Manchester United or PSG. Both clubs have more money than Arsenal and are not afraid to spend it. Arsenal can by all means afford Griezmann but they certainly won't be signing him if the likes of PSG, Manchester United, Chelsea, Real Madrid and Barca are still interested in signing him.

You may well think us mad for the mere suggestion that betting on Arsenal could be a good idea. You might feel it could only be wise if you were trying to lose money, or if you were some form of masochist. However, for us, betting on the football is part and parcel of the weekend.

There are, of course, loads of options when it comes to betting on football. Whether you want to back Wenger to still be manager in 2050, or want to bet on him to be the next boss sacked; whether you want to bet on the boys to win the FA Cup or the Europa League; or whether you want to bet on any one of the huge range of options for the next game. There is a bet and a market for all, with more choice than ever.

If you can’t bring yourself to bet on your own team, how about a bet against Spurs? Just back whoever that lot are playing to get the win and enjoy double the pleasure when our nearest and dearest rivals inevitably bottle it. Not only do you get to enjoy their defeat, you get a few extra quid in the pocket too.

As well as the plethora of different leagues and markets available, there are also loads of bookmakers to choose from, each offering a free bet or bonus when you join. It’s worth joining lots of different bookies too, because this way you get to see which you prefer. You can also take advantage of lots of free bets and, as an ongoing plus, you then have more options when it comes to placing your bets, which means you are likely to be able to find higher odds.

Many bookmakers now offer enhanced odds promotions to new customers instead of a free bet. These are usually on the big televised games so most weeks there is a fair chance the Gunners will be featured.

Sites such as Ladbrokes, Coral, 888sport and Betfair are just some of those that run these promotions. Third party sites often highlight these enhanced odds offers, bringing you the best promotions around from a range of betting sites.

For example, in a match where Arsenal are normally 4/6, you might find enhanced odds of 20/1! Before you get too excited you should note that often the maximum bet is just a quid and that winnings will be paid as free bets not straight cash. All such promotions will have certain terms and conditions attached but these will always be clearly shown and are usually easy enough to understand.

Even with the aforementioned terms and conditions, these offers are certainly a great way to spice up the game and they are very low risk given the maximum bet is just £1. Whether you want to make a few extra quid backing the best team in the world (sort of!), or you just find yourself watching a game that wouldn’t otherwise be hugely interesting, a small bet is certainly a great way to make things more interesting.

Now, excuse me whilst I just go and look for the odds on Arsenal to win the league…or maybe not!

Ever since the success of “Moneyball” in America and abroad, a new generation of sport statistics enthusiasts has been growing. For long time sports betters, statistics have always been part of the game, a way of developing long term strategy as a way of informing real time insights. Statistics is a way of understanding the likelihood of specific events within various games. While it can’t be used to predict the future, statistics can help you make better bets every single time. If you continue to apply this knowledge in the long term, you will be more likely to have ongoing success.

But how can someone who hasn’t studied this stuff in school develop a greater working knowledge of statistics?

Learning About Sports Statistics

Good sports betters pay attention to the odds. You can get the latest odds for all Arsenal games and know more than the casual fan, but you’ll have an even greater advantage if you understand how these odds play into longer trends. There are many people who make their career as sports statisticians. And while they usually draw insights from large pools out of data for one job or other, these insights can also be used to help anticipate the outcome of games. Blogs like 538 do a great job of showing how stats tell the larger story of teams and sporting institutions, often providing more insight than what you can draw from a team’s recent history.

The best way to get better at statistics, though, is simply to use it. Start reading blogs and articles. Follow message boards where people analyze the minutia of all of the events of the recent football upset, or the ongoing career of one star player. Statistics reveal trends that play out across months, years, and decades. To make bets solely on recent events is to miss out on the broader perspective that statistics can offer.

For a more formal introduction to statistics in general, you can take a class or look at videos on Youtube. Many enthusiasts are more than willing to demonstrate how various data conclusions have important implications for real world sporting events. Again, statistics doesn’t predict, but it does make strong suggestions, some of which may prove very profitable for the sport bettor.

An understanding of statistics will also help you manage your winnings and losses. It’s easy to lose a lot of money in gambling, not just when you make a bad bet, but when you poorly manage the money you win. Creating a saving budget within your betting portfolio is a good way to steadily take profits away from your successes. It doesn’t matter how many times you make a good bet; if you lose it all later you won’t have anything to show for even a long string of good picks.

Sport gambling is fun and can be profitable, but without a knowledge of the bigger picture you are not likely to have good luck forever. Statistics offers a bird’s view of professional sports, and can clue you in to betting opportunities that might not be evident to people who don’t read the stats.

n the betting world, football provides the biggest open market to bookmakers. It’s even expected to supersede horse racing as the highest revenue sport. Today, punters are highly inclined towards football betting, where huge sums of money are placed each day on matches across the globe.


However, there are a few solid tips that punters should not forget if they are betting on the Premier League.


Recently, the Premier League has become the favourite domestic league for punters to bet on. The immense popularity of the league offers a lot of money making opportunities. The Premier League is one the most competitive leagues in the world which also makes it highly unpredictable. Punters who have mastered football betting have studied the players, coaches, teams and statistics for years.


Here is why football betting is so popular amongst punters:


Access to valuable information


Punters have access to valuable and reliable information regarding Premier League betting strategies. Their years of experience and knowledge about the game and teams gives them a secret advantage against those who are new to football betting. Betting sites provide you with a plethora of options to choose from, so punters can always expect to find a new market to place their money on. For example, the Sun Bets football betting page ( features club friendlies, in-play matches and competitions where you can find all different leagues and teams. You can then browse through the markets and choose which result you want to bet on. The options are truly endless.




The match location plays a significant role in sports betting. There are home and away advantages and disadvantages to every team in each game. In the Premier League, home games hold greater value and are significant in giving the home team an upper hand. Just by looking at the match locations, you can predict the outcome – although it’s not always as simple as that! This element of football betting is what makes it so popular.


Starting lineup


Based on the last five appearances and performance of the team, punters make use of the starting line up to judge which team is good on paper. In a league as competitive as the Premier League, team news is of real advantage. Almost every bookmaker and punter has team information for the Premier League. For example, if Eden Hazard is ruled out for his next game, the chances of Chelsea winning will reduce to some extent. Similarly, if a key player is returning from injury and makes it in the starting line-up, this will not only boost morale of the team and fans, but of the bookies as well who would be placing bets in his favour.


Unpredictable results


It’s a known fact that those who place bets will experience more losses than wins. The Premier League is unpredictable and there is no guaranteed winner. Likewise, there are certainly no guarantees that your betting strike rate will stay steady.


This is why it’s important for you to be prepared for losing not one, but many of your bets. Not everyone can cope with the rollercoaster of emotions that accompany a volatile run of results, but unfortunately, you don’t know how you might respond until you are actually in that situation yourself.


Follow your gut


It’s certainly not important to follow the crowd in football betting. Don’t always go by what others are doing or what you read on the internet, until you have a valid reason to back it up.


There’s no need to be afraid to bet against the crowd and have the courage to trust your gut feeling when a bet screams value to you. Recognise the bad bets and cut them out. Over time, the experience will tell you exactly when those occasions are.


Football betting has increased in popularity over the past few years, and it definitely doesn’t look like it’s going to slow down any time soon.


The August transfer window is not called the silly season for nothing, but this year’s antics could put anything Monty Python might dream up to shame. The walls are still echoing to the gasps from Neymar’s £200 million move to Paris Saint Germain, but it seems that the French club are not finished yet.

Alexis Sanchez has made it clear that he wants to leave The Gunners and play in the Champion’s League this year, and the conventional thinking was that a move to Manchester City for around £47 million was on the cards. But now PSG has entered the fray, with talks of a potential £80 million move. It is well known that PSG are in the market for a striker, and while they still have their eyes fixed firmly on Monaco’s Kylian Mbappe, Sanchez would be a tantalising option.

View from the bookmakers

This time of year has become even more interesting, for both sports fans and keen gamblers, since the online betting sites got as involved in the “game within a game” that is the transfer window as they did with the matches themselves. Today’s punters can go online and claim Mr Green bonus bets to prove they know better than the so-called experts which way the wind is blowing. So what do the bookies have to say about Sanchez?

They are currently offering only 1-3 on for him to remain at Arsenal, while a move to Manchester City is a 4-1 shot. The smart money, however, might be on the 12-1 odds against him following Neymar to PSG. Interestingly, the same odds are available for a switch to Barcelona, while if you think a trip to Manchester United is on the cards, you can get odds of 25-1.

Will he stay or will he go?

It is by no means a foregone conclusion that Sanchez will move at all, and the 1-3 odds could be tempting. After all, Arsenal have shown no indication that they would accept any offer on him, meaning he would have to wait till the end of the season.

Although he so far seems unwilling to sign his £250,000 Arsenal deal for the year, there are plenty of reasons why it might make sense for him to do so. Sanchez appears to have his heart set on Manchester City above all else, probably due to a desire to reunite with his ex Barcelona boss Pep Guardiola.

Sources close to City’s Spanish manager say that he is equally eager to work alongside Sanchez again, but that time is not pressing, and he would possibly slot into the team even more easily this time next year.

How about PSG?

PSG are on one of the biggest spending sprees in football history, and they are not done yet. If Sanchez is tempted to join them, it is likely to be for pecuniary reasons above all else. In the end, the promise of £400,000 a week might be just too tempting an offer to turn down.


Following our escape from another disastrous opening game, new stat's are in to make us Gooners even more concerned.


Can You Win Anything With Kids? has analysed the most common starting eleven of every title winner in the Premier League’s history to uncover just what is the perfect age to lift the trophy.

Since its inception in 1992/93, statistics suggest the perfect age to win the league is 26.62 and with the new season now underway, Liverpool look strongest with an average age of 26.73.


At the back the Reds have almost the perfect line-up, with a goalkeeper of 29 (average winning GK: 29.63), and a back four aged 27.5, just 0.49 years older than the average. Additionally, the midfield has only a little bit more experience (26) than the average age of 25.38 and Sadio Mane has just over a year before he hits the peak striker age of 26.94.


Chelsea, who won the league with an average age of 27.36 last season, is the second most likely to win the league among the top six clubs with an average age of 26.45, but this looks increasingly unlikely given their performance against the mighty Burnley.

Trends suggest once a team hits an average age of around 29, to win the title again needs an influx of fresh blood. Arsenal’s title win back in 2002, Manchester United’s in 2013 and Chelsea’s in 2015 all saw refreshed squads from their winning campaigns a few years previous.


The introduction of Antonio Rudiger, Tiemoue Bakayoko and Alvaro Morata into the team has already significantly dropped the average age of the Blues compared to last season, while Pep Guardiola’s summer spending has seen them go from being the oldest top six team to the second youngest (25.55), with only rivals Manchester United having a younger team (25.45).


Does age really matter that much? Leave your comments below.


To see the full data and see average ages across teams and seasons, visit

The average ages of the top six teams for the coming Premier League season are:

Liverpool - 26.73

Chelsea - 26.45

Tottenham Hotspur - 26.36

Arsenal - 27

Manchester City - 25.55

Manchester United - 25.45


Positional average age of title winners:


Goalkeeper - 29.63

Defender - 27.01

Midfielder - 25.38

Forward - 26.94


Notes to Editor


Data was collected from every season in the Premier League’s history. Average age for the 2017/18 season were based on last season’s most common starting elevens with the additions of new signings expected to be in the first eleven.


Informed sources have revealed that Arsenal is engaged in high gear talks with Lyon in a bid to sign their maverick striker Alexandre Lacazette. None other than the Lyon president Jean-Michel Aulas has confirmed the Gunners’ interest in the talented forward. The France international was the subject of a £29 million offer from Arsenal which failed to materialise last summer. Lacazette could finally make the move to Emirates this summer with Lyon president asking for £44 million.

Reports this week indicate that Wenger is finally edging closer to sealing the £44 million deal that would see the Gunners bag their prized target by next week. The Lyon chief Aulas has reiterated the fact that Arsenal’s interest in the 26-year-old valuable player is authentic.

 However, all indications are that Lyon are in no hurry to sell Lacazette since Atletico Madrid still remains a possible contender for him and the striker might be headed there in January after their transfer ban is lifted. While confirming this possibility, the club’s Lyons chief also said that he is keen on listening to what the striker has to say about the expected move. He also confirmed that he, together with is adviser Gerard Houllier, had met Wenger during the match between France and England (played on June 13) and Wenger expressed his interest.

Most football fans, as well as the betting experts from, are interested parties who are following the developments of the Lyon striker’s anticipated move with a keen interest. But how much do you know about the French international?

Below are 10 fact quick facts about the player that many might not know.

  1. He’s a Prized French Marksman

Lacazette scored a total of 28 Ligue 1 goals in 2016; an unmatched record for any French forward in a single calendar year since Jean-Pierre Papin achieved the same feat in 1991.

  1. The Forward Is A Clinical Finisher

The Lyon striker had the highest chance conversion (38.9 per cent) in Europe’s top five leagues last season, ahead of RB Leipzig striker Timo Werner (at 34.4%) as well as Monaco forward Radamel Falcao (33.9%)

  1. He is a European Champion

Lacazette scored a dazzling winning goal through a header against Spain in the 2010 European Under 19 Championship and his goal sealed their 2-1 win over France. He played in that winning team with the current Arsenal midfielder, Francis Coquelin.

  1. His Emirates experience

In less than 24 hours after he led his team to a victory over Spain, Lacazette played for Lyon in the Emirates Cup, whereby he arrived just 10 minutes to the warm-up and started the match against Celtic.

  1. He’s a Puel Product

The Lyon forward came through the youth ranks at the club and was handed his debut by the former Southampton manager Clause Puel, which effectively makes him Puel’s prodigy.

  1. Comes from a footballing family

His older brother played in the Swiss second division before becoming a coach while his cousin Romuald Lacazette plays for 1860 Munich in Germany.

  1. He is a penalty box Maverick

Out of his 28 Ligue 1 goals in the last season, only two were scored from outside the penalty box.

  1. He is an International Goal Scorer

The French international scored his first France goal where they won 2-0 over Denmark, in a game played at the Stade Geoffrey-Guichard, home to his club’s vicious rivals St Estienne.

  1. In Comparison to Arsenal Players

The Lyons striker scored a total of 28 goals last season. This is more than the goals scored by Theo Walcott, Olivier Giroud, Lucas Perez, and Danny Welbeck combined

  1. Lacazette is in Good Company

Since the 2012/2013 season, only nine strikers have been able to score more goals in the top five Leagues in Europe. These include Cristiano Ronaldo, Lionel Messi, Zlatan Ibrahimovic, Luiz Suarez Edison Cavani, Robert Lewandowski, Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang, Gonzalo Higuain, and Sergio Aguero.


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