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It is really unfortunate that for more than a decade, February is the month when Arsenal fans are forced to think about next season. This is the time of year when they get eliminated from the Champions League and with the league title already out of reach their only remaining prospect is the familiar fourth place finish.

Most Arsenal fans turn to SkyBet promo codes in search of solace. The no deposit bonuses have helped many Arsenal fans overcome this difficult period of the year, but the fact still remains that a league title is long overdue at the Emirates.

Fortunately, there are quite a few positives in this Arsenal squad and with the expected change at the helm, a few new signings and with the extension of key players’ contracts, next season can be the season when the Gunners finally win some silverware.

Change at the Helm

This season is the season when Arsenal fans have finally lost patience with Arsene Wenger. Under his guidance the team has looked bereft of confidence and motivation in so many crucial matches that the majority of fans now desire that he leaves the club in the summer.

However, Arsenal’s board of directors seems to like Wenger quite a lot and it has been rumored that a two year contract extension to his contract, which runs out in the summer, has already been offered.

And why wouldn’t they like him. Wenger is probably the only manager in European football who has regularly delivered Champions League football in the last decade or so while spending as little money as possible on new players.

Luckily for Arsenal fans, it seems like Wenger himself has already decided to leave the club and will probably announce this when the season ends. This decision will be like music to Gunners’ ears, especially as managers, such as Diego Simeone and Massimiliano Allegri are touted as his replacements.

New Signings

When you look at Arsenal’s squad you realize that they are only a couple of signings short of being a title winning team. They definitely need a new left back, since Gibbs and Monreal are nowhere near the required level, and they probably need a new striker as an upgrade to Giroud and the perennially injured Wellbeck.

Other than that they seem like a quality unit. They have a top keeper in Cech, their defensive pairing of Mustafi and Koscielny is probably the strongest they have ever had, Xhaka should acclimatize to the EPL by next season and players like Walcott and Oxlade Chamberlain are invaluable as pacy outlets down the flanks.

Offer Contract Extensions to Sanchez and Ozil

It is of upmost importance for the Gunners that players like Alexis Sanchez and Mesut Ozil are offered contract extensions as soon as possible.

Their contracts are up in the summer and Europe’s elite clubs are circling around the Emirates like vultures. If the board doesn’t act quickly and accepts whatever the players are asking, they risk losing two of the most valuable players the English Premier League has right now.


Predicting the result of football matches is never easy as highlighted in the Champions League knockout phase when PSG thrashed Barcelona 4-0 and 24 hours later, when Arsenal capitulated in Munich.

There are so many random results that make gambling on football a costly business yet there is a way to make money betting without having to predict if Arsenal will beat Watford or relying on Burnley to beat Lincoln on your accumulator. is a website dedicated to making money for its members without the risk of losing. Using a technique called matched betting, you can take advantage of betting offers to make a guaranteed profit.

We’re seeing more and more bookmakers advertising for UK customers and they offer a huge variety of sign up offers, money back promotions and risk free bonuses. Matched betting allows you to qualify for free bets and bonuses for just pennies and use the free money to lock in a profit

At a recent count, there were more than 60 bookmakers offering a bonus for opening a new account, worth around £1000 risk free profit. They also promote offers for existing customers which means there are lots of opportunities to make money once the sign up offers are done.

A good example was the bet365 free in-play bet on Bayern Munich v Arsenal. I shouldn’t think too many Gooners would have won on such a disastrous result but matched bettors walked away with £35 from the offer not caring about who won. In a few minutes, they’d covered all outcomes and simply waited for the bets to settle and the profit to hit their accounts.

Many people are sceptical about matched betting when first told they can make money risk free but it’s a tried and tested method that’s been around since the turn of the century. Guardian Money ran a feature on matched betting back in 2010 and other trusted media websites like The Telegraph and Huffington Post have tried it out and confirmed that it works.

Matched betting is rendered risk free by backing a selection to win and laying it lose on a betting exchange. The application of a mathematical equation negates chance so that there is an equal return whatever the result. A typical return is £40 for a £50 free bet and nearer £45 for a £50 bonus which returns the stake.

Specialist tools, to find suitable bets and calculators for working out the ideal stakes to lay, are provided on matched betting sites which also contain guides and videos to explain how it’s done. This makes matched betting accessible to anyone eligible to open betting accounts and not just for those with betting savvy or a degree in maths.

Next up for Arsenal is a trip to Anfield which has proved to be a thrilling but dangerously unpredictable fixture over the years. You have the option to bet on the match and pray the gods of fortune are smiling down on you or use matched betting and guarantee you’ll win even if it doesn’t quite work out for the Gunners on the pitch.


"Arsene Wenger" (CC BY 2.0) by Ronnie Macdonald

It is time to give Arsene Wenger a break. Whenever the Gunners go through a difficult spell, some supporters immediately turn to place the blame on Wenger; a man who has Arsenal’s best interests at heart.

The Frenchman stood tall during the club’s barren run but two FA Cup victories in as many years has helped to transform the mood on the Emirates Stadium terraces. However, some believe that Wenger should now lose his job, especially if Arsenal miss out on the top four this season.

Arsenal fans will be looking forward to trips at Liverpool and West Bromwich Albion – and with good reason. The Gunners have struggled to inspire confidence at home since the turn of the year and Wenger’s men may appreciate a few road fixtures.

Meanwhile, Arsenal’s passionate away supporters will be excited at the prospect of a much-needed victory over a top-four rival at Anfield; Jurgen Klopp’s side are struggling themselves and the Gunners could take full advantage if Wenger gets his tactics and game plan right.

A survey conducted by Voucherbox found that Arsenal fans actually save close to £200 by following their side around the country rather than watching the Gunners week in, week out at the Emirates Stadium. Saving money is helpful but at the end of the day, the three points are all that matters to most fans – and another win in the fight for the Champions League spots could prove vital come the end of May; Arsenal will be quietly confident of securing a top-four finish for the 21st season in a row.

Wenger’s men had lost four of their previous nine Premier League games before securing a two-nil victory over Hull City on February 11th but it is Arsenal’s poor form against England’s elite sides that has their fans worried.

With that fixture against Liverpool approaching and key clashes with both Manchester clubs and arch rivals Tottenham Hotspur to come, the Gunners must find some way of turning their form around or else a fifth-placed finish could quickly become a reality.

Arsenal are currently fourth in the table; just two points behind Manchester City in second but Gunners fans will be looking nervously over their shoulder. Liverpool will be boosted by the return of Sadio Mane whilst Manchester United, unbeaten in 16 Premier League games, have finally found their feet under Jose Mourinho.

England’s top flight is more competitive than ever before and fans must remember that before going hammer and tongs towards the Frenchman for his deficiencies. At one point, Wenger was one of the best managers in world football...

With 13 matches remaining, there are still plenty of points to be won and lost in the coming months and the top-four pendulum will swing multiple ways before the end of May. Arsenal MUST improve if they are to contend with England’s elite sides and Wenger will have to take some responsibility if the Gunners miss out; but he isn’t the only man to blame.

Mesut Ozil, once one of Arsenal’s shining lights, has gone missing since rumours over his future started to surface in November and Wenger could do with the Germany star finding his best form as the business end of the season.

Is Arsene Wenger fully to blame if the Gunners miss out? Give the man a break – the underlying problem at Arsenal is much bigger than the manager.

Wenger must now turn to a rejuvenated Welbeck, who has 34 goals and 15 assists in his Premier League career, to fire the Gunners to the Champions League for the 21st year in a row. The former Manchester United man netted a memorable last-gasp header to defeat eventual champions Leicester City at the back end of last season and fans will expect more important goals as the top four battle starts to heat up

You all know that fitness is critical for a footballer. This becomes more crucial during the football seasons. Whenever we watch a football player on the fields, we’ll be surprised to witness their skills. Their stamina and ability will be enormous during the game. But, do you think that everything can be earned just in a day? No, they can’t be. Enormous efforts are essential to make these turn true. If you’re just starting out as a footballer, then these expert health tips will be mandatory for you, so read it fully…

From Ronaldo Himself:

Yes, Christiano Ronaldo - the legend has given his health tips for the prospective footballers here. As everyone is aware, he is well-known for his fitness and body. Let’s grab some useful tips directly from him now:

The first tip he gives for footballers is to train the mind in parallel with the body. Just as equal to physical strength, mental power is also critical. This is mandatory for prospective footballers if they want to reach their goals. The next tip he gives is to be disciplined. This would mean that footballers should keep themselves motivated. Also, adhering to the routine is key. He said that he had no room to ease out, which means he was always strict with himself. The third thing was about goals. He asks footballers to set goals for themselves in order to be focused and march toward their goals.

His next tip is to pick a partner to train with. This would motivate you as the competition builds; thus, would aid you in pushing yourself. It’s even better when the selected partner is more or less equal to you in power. This would help to push each other. The fifth tip was given for sleeping behaviors. The legend said that proper sleeping is much needed. This is crucial for getting the maximum out of training. He has also said that he would sleep early and wake up early, particularly during matches. It’s important for the muscles to restore.

Next health tip he gave was about warming up. He has mentioned that proper warm-up sessions would prevent injuries. He also mentioned that he used to perform pitches, stretches, and some cardio as warm-up protocols. He asks the aspirers to also perform something like this for their warm-ups. Another point he reveals is that combination is important in physical training. He suggests mixing up cardio with weight training to assure that the training has reached all parts equally. These will elevate your power and stamina, and simultaneously, keep your training interesting. Sometimes inexperienced footballers try to add steroids to the diet and it appears counter-productive. Ronaldo is against such supplements and advice to use only natural food.

He has added that cardio sessions are critical in building your endurance, and if you want to stay trim, don’t forget this. You are advised to do at least 30 minutes of this and take it from there. Finally, he has quoted to starting exercising wherever you can. May it be the bedroom or elsewhere, try to fit in an activity in all places.


How Gambling in Football Impacts Arsenal FC

Sports betting is an activity that can be enjoyed by many, but it can also lead to many financial disasters. Over the years, gambling has had a huge impact on sports enthusiasts and even players on professional teams. Betting in football can lead so some amazing profits, but it can also lead to devastating losses. There was one fan of Arsenal FC that lost his home when he lost a bet that Arsenal would beat Manchester United. There have been other cases where Arsenal matches has some extreme consequences for bettors, such as a victory over Liverpool that resulted in a policeman in South Africa shooting his friend after being teased over the Liverpool loss.

Online Betting

One of the great things about football betting is the offering of online sportsbooks, where punters can place bets on any match or football event, not only in the UK, but from around the world. Many of the leading casino sites that are operating in Britain will also offer a sportsbook, though some are restricted to traditional casino games, such as the newest UK online casino, PlayOJO. Despite the offering of a sportsbook, this site has already gained much recognition and is on its way to being one of the more popular new casino sites to be offered online.

Football Betting Survival Tips

Football betting is quite popular in the UK and while there are many chances to earn money here are just as many chances to lose. Two key tips to any bettor is to avoid betting too much and never chase after losses. This type of sports betting is actually a long-term process, where small wins are accrued so that larger bets can be placed. It is best to follow one league and keep up to date on team news. Football betting has resulted in a massive growth in the global industry and in the UK, football fans have many betting options when they place wagers on their preferred teams. There is the ability to bet on the correct score of a match, the number of goals, penalties, corner kicks, last goal scorer and much more. To be successful with any bet, it is important to understand the odds associated with each bet and also have a complete understanding of the betting process. It is also helpful to have knowledge of the players and the coaching staff with a chosen team.

The global gambling industry is worth billions, and many of these bets come from European football fans that are supporting their home teams, including Arsenal FC. The entire sports betting industry is believed to have a worth of between £435 billion and £625 billion per year.

Coaching Decisions Impact Betting

There are many ways in which a team or its staff can impact football betting trends and one is the acquisition of new talent to the team. In terms of the Arsenal FC, the manager of the team has been reluctant to gamble big at the transfer window, keeping a tight budget on who is signed to the team. Arsenal have gambled in the past and it lead to a great signing of Peter Cech. However, it is not known whether the manager will roll the dice again or play it safe. The big news will come when Jamie Vardy from Leicester City will decide whether to stay input or join Arsenal FC as a striker. This sole acquisition may give Arsenal the edge they need to capture the title. This will also lead to more bets being placed on Arsenal at the sportsbooks since they will have a power player that can carry the team to victory.

First thing you need to know when it comes to betting is that betting is a long-term process. You need to be patient, tenacious and you need to have a self-control if you are to make some money from betting.

You should not consider betting as your daily job, but as a way to win some extra money. In order to be successful in betting you need to have great money management skills. It’s important to practice good bankroll management and you must set a certain amount of money for betting purposes. Never bet more than you can afford to lose!

Two things you mustn’t do is betting too much and chasing losses. As I have already mentioned, betting is a long-term process and you need to build your bankroll slowly. For example, if you have a 1000$ bankroll to bet on sports, your stakes should not be bigger than 50$. Of course, stake size should depend on how sure you are in a certain bet. The single bet is the most common one as the main reason for using it is the amount of the risk – it is much less when you put your money on single bets. Always try to take advantage of promotions and bonuses, but I recommend you to open your accounts with bookies who offer real cash promotions to their clients. You should open as many bookmaker accounts as you can as that should give you an opportunity to take the best odds you can find.

I think that dropping odds could be a very useful information for bettors. In most cases odds are dropping due to injuries, suspensions, but other facts can cause dropping odds as well. Coaches often rest key players for derby matches and, anyhow, when odds are dropping rapidly you know something is going on. Sometimes, though, odds are dropping because punters put a huge amount of money on a specific bet.

When it comes to betting on football, I recommend you to choose one particular league, for example: La Liga. You need to follow closely all news from Spain, all football predictions and you will have to understand goals of each team for the current season. Yet another important thing is to bet on teams who play well at home and, of course, to avoid betting on sides who struggle on the travels.

Team news is probably the most significant thing you need to follow when betting on football as “smaller” clubs struggle without key players in the starting line-up. On the other hand, top-table teams have longer benches and they can find adequate substitutes for their first-team regulars. For example, if Real Madrid ace Karim Benzema misses a match through injury, Alvaro Morata should be capable of making life difficult for opposition defenders.

Form is yet another important fact you need to consider when putting your money on a certain bet. I recommend you to bet on teams who are on winning runs as they are brimming with confidence. Jose Mourinho had a number of top-class players to choose from in the 2015/2016 Premier League season, but they did not play as a team. On the other hand, Chelsea look unstoppable under Italian tactician Antonio Conte.

A great number of football predictions are pointing towards supporting favourites, but you should bear in mind that bookies often offer the lowest possible odds when it comes to backing title-chasing teams. Key to successful betting is in finding value situations. Sometimes, there is a bigger value with betting on underdogs than with betting on favourites. Anyhow, it has to be noted that bookmakers often set odds wrongly and in the said scenario you need to act fast in order to take advantage of the situation

Many bettors wait for the season finale to start placing their bets on football. Relegation-threatened sides put an extra effort in the season finale in order to secure the survival, whereas mid-table teams often do not take games against the relegation strugglers seriously as they have nothing to play for in said matches. For example, Sunderland are one of the teams who always struggle in the first half of the season, but when things get more serious, they somehow find their best form. It is no surprise a number of football predictions are in favour of the Black Cats in the second half of the season.

On the other hand, title-chasing teams who do not take part in European competitions have advantage over their title rivals as their players are in a much better physical condition. When it comes to betting on contenders for the title who participate in European competitions, you need to understand which competition is set as priority by each and every team who is in the race for trophy.

Outright betting is yet another way of betting on sports. Outright bet is a bet placed on the outcome of an entire competition, tournament or league and many punters believe prefer outright betting rather than betting on an individual match. Said bets often have higher returns when compared to regular bets and I will give you several tips which should help you gain money from outright betting.

When it comes to outright betting, you need to check out the fixture list, signings and injury list of a team if you want your bet to be fruitful. If a team sign several top-class players in the transfer window, chances for them to win the title increase immediately. Also, if a team face an easy fixture list in the second half of the season, you should considered putting your money on them to win the trophy. Take a look at the team’s injury list as well as key players could be sorely missed in the remainder of the season.

Anyhow, you should not consider betting as a full-time job, but as a way to win a little extra cash. You need to learn how to be responsible with your bankroll and that is the key to success in betting. I once again advise you not to bet more than you can afford to lose as betting could lead you to disaster if you are not smart enough to know how to handle your bets.

About the Author: Ignacio del Valle Ruiz, a true fan of football, is one of the founders of He also manages the content team behind the website, twitter and facebook. In his spare time he enjoys winning FIFA games.


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