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The Coq. He’s taken his chances as they’ve come and he looks like a half decent player. Arsene said words to the effect of this in an interview - “Sometimes looking internally can be a blessing in disguise”. I think Arsene bought Coquelin back from loan because he felt he had to and you have to credit a player who was looking at the end of his Arsenal career, that has taken the opportunity given to him with both hands. Also worth remembering that Flamini is basically fit now so today Coq kept him out of the starting line up on merit alone. Arsene has always had a knack for cultivating young talent and I’m glad that he is showing faith in a player that could now go on to cement a place in our 1st Team Squad. There are also rumours floating around the interwebs that he’ll be offered a new contract, if he keeps up this form then I don’t see why we shouldn’t keep him. And a quiet nod to Nacho, keep proving the doubters wrong

I’ve been a fan of Debuchy since he was at Lille and I love him to bits as a right-back but today he delivered a performance at centre-back that is worthy of praise.  The way he coped with the pressure, of playing in an unfamiliar position, was remarkable. AS for Bellerin, his mind is clear and looks like he’s ready to improve and just look forward to the future and what’s ahead of him – I liked his performance today, was deadly in the final third and got an assist as well. But, he still needs to improve defensively. He definitely has the potential to become a top class modern day fullback

 Arsene keeps banging on about how its difficult after a World Cup, and I do really believe that is the case. Many players have not had much rest at all and it is beginning to show a lot. Additionally, there are more teams that are capable of going anywhere and winning (eg. Southhampton, Swansea, West Ham this season) so the league is much tighter

If Szczesny is fit then he goes straight back in.  He's the number one, has a good history in the side and that's just that.  However if Ospina gets back to fitness I don't think it's as clear cut, Martinez at this point has more experience of playing behind our defence and I think deserves to stay there ahead of another newbie in the squad.

Arteta has been fantastic in the past two games, both on the ball, as ever, but defensively, he's really been good. I think we really miss his organising skills; Flamini, for all his pointing, just doesn't glue the side together in the same way, and just isn't very good on the ball. I don't think Arteta can play more than once a week at this point, and I really think getting a defensive midfielder that can pass is the most

Today it was finishing.  It seemed like our best scoring chances were all aimed at DeGea's silhouette, and you can't expect to score that way against a top Premier League keeper.  Based upon everything else about those chances, Jack's shot (which should have been chipped), Alexis' header, and Santi's volley should rightfully all have been goals but weren't simply because of where they were aimed

I’ve defended Aaron Ramsey against so much vitriol the last few years, and I was so happy that he had the season he did last year, but he’s making things complicated for himself. In the lead up to Gibbs conceding the foul for the equaliser, Ramsey lost the ball high up the pitch. He seems to have become obsessed with scoring as many as he did last year, and this lack of discipline is costing us dear. As for Flamini, well the less said about his (lack of) positioning, the better - we can’t hope to challenge for the league with a player as indisciplined as him

  • 15 Sep 2015
    So let me stop reminiscing of days gone by and let me focus on our Welsh wonder. Let me start off by saying that I think it is quite obvious that Aaron Ramsey is better in central midfield. His partnership with Mesut Özil, his running from deep and his underrated ball winning ability makes him a ...Read more