1) Super performance at the King Power Stadium yesterday afternoon. What was the difference between this display and our earlier showings?

@da_senator - the difference simply was that the team played well and Alexis was back to his best, also Özil was magnificent. The defense was composed and Cech had a great game.

@Emmillio_ - The biggest difference is a more confident Theo Walcott stretched the game, which made more room for our midfield to operate and Alexis Sanchez and Mesut Özil turned up. All three players played well and Mesut Özil is at his best when he has not just runners but runners who are demanding the ball and both Theo and Alexis done this today.

@LaGoonerVida - I'd say its about the volume of chances we created. Moreover we were slightly more clinical with those chances than we were earlier!

@The_jersey_fitz – Honestly the only real difference between this and most of our performances this season was that we were actually able to finish our chances.  As has been well documented, we’ve created lots of chances this season, but have been unable to put our chances in the back of the net.  We finally found our finishing boots today and were able to score five goals away from home.

2) Who was the best player on the pitch not named Alexis Sanchez?

@da_senator - Özil.

@Emmillio_ - Theo Walcott for me by a mile. He could easily have got a hat trick himself.  Petr Cech was also superb and if it wasn’t for him it could easily have been 5-5.

@LaGoonerVida - Definitely Özil. What a baller! Sublime passing and insane vision.

@The_jersey_fitz – I’d have to say the best player not named Alexis was probably Theo Walcott.  This may be slight hyperbole, but I don’t know if there’s ever been a game of football that suited Theo Walcott more than this one.  Leicester went forward constantly and were very open at the back with Robert Huth and Wes Morgan as their centerbacks. That pairing isn’t exactly blessed with a lot of pace, and Walcott terrorized them all day.  His movement was incredible and his goal was classic Theo.

3) What did you make of Theo Walcott's centre forward performance today? How far can he go in this position?

@da_senator - Walcott had a very good game only that he needs to work on his finishing. He will do well in centre forward position because of his pace, and once the midfielders can feed him well with long balls he'll always out run defenders, he should just work on his finishing and be composed infront of goal.

@Emmillio_ - His performance was excellent. I also noticed that he was holding the ball up much better. He needs to improve on his composure and finishing a little but that will come with just starting more games. I don’t see Wenger signing a striker or any player for that matter in January and with Giroud off form and Danny Welbeck injured I see Theo being given the opportunity to make that position his own until Welbeck is fit at least. He is making very Henry like runs and I feel we COULD be watching the next evolution of Theo into a genuine world-class striker. How far he goes depends a lot on how often Wenger starts him in that position. If he starts 80% of our games in that position, barring injury he will get between 25-35 goals this season. He really seems to be growing in confidence

- I think Theo's a great player. I felt he was more at ease, and as I've said earlier who could really grow into it. I definitely think he can be a 20 goals a season striker.

@The_jersey_fitz –
Well, as I said above, I though Walcott was fantastic today.  This was easily his most impressive performance as a center forward this season. I genuinely have no idea how far he can go in this position. He’ll likely never be world class, but if he can be a consistent goalscorer that might be enough for us this season.

4) Hat trick for Alexis, can this kick-start his season?

@da_senator - I believe it will kick start his season because he his back to form and goals builds confidence especially against a very good and composed side.

@Emmillio_ - Absolutely. He is probably the one player that none of the Arsenal fans were worried about. For me one of the reasons why he’s struggled other than the obvious overplaying is because we don’t play through him often enough when he is on the left. He is better when he is coming into the centre or on the right (but that conversation is for another day). In any case, similar to Messi, Alexis can play well, regardless of which position he is playing in and I know over the season he’ll do the business.

@LaGoonerVida - With all due respect, I don't think he needed to kickstart his season. He's reached a certain level where his name on the team sheets is enough for opponents to sheeet the bed. That being said I'm hoping for big things from the superstar this season! Hopefully the Copa America has got him hungry for silverware.

@The_jersey_fitz – Absolutely.  Of all the things that could kick start a season, a hat trick is right up there with the best of them. All players go through slumps and hopefully this hat trick signals that Alexis is out of his and he can start scoring week in week out again.

5) So Ramsey playing wide right and Flamini/Arteta playing in defensive midfield yet we won away 5-2 against a form team. Why do you think this is?

@da_senator - I am not really comfortable with Ramsey out wide, it makes Bellerin vulnerable anytime he overlaps. But playing Ramsey outside will surely improve his game. Flamini is out with hamstring and for Arteta, I think he his coming back to shape and needs more playing time but i'll prefer Coquelin in the defensive midfield position.

@Emmillio_ - Playing Aaron Ramsey on the right does absolutely nothing for us. And I would like to challenge any Arsenal fan to explain how Ramsey offers better defensive protection when A LOT of the time he is anywhere but on the right and yet doesn’t offer enough end product. Flamini lost the ball at times today but I don’t think Arteta did too much wrong (he even seemed a little faster than normal lol). We won simply because Cech Koscielny, Ozil, Walcott and Alexis were brilliant. Leicester City also trying to beat us in a real game of football rather than parking the bus also helped.

@LaGoonerVida - I'm no football expert. However, I do feel that people are quite blind when they slate the team and a manager for this particular decision. Bellerin is practically a winger, he bosses the right flank! He needs someone to back him up and that's sure as hell not going to be Ox. Aaron does that role perfectly. And he also cuts in and overloads the central area at times giving us an advantage. Arteta is a classy player, and I think like all players in the squad he can put in a shift when required.

@The_jersey_fitz – I think this is partially down to the fact that our attackers were finally clicking and the fact that they were so open.  I also think we may have lost that game if Flamini had not gotten injured.  We improved massively after Arteta came on, and with him on the pitch we were able to have much more control on the game.

6) Manchester United up next in the league, would you start the same team? Are you confident of a victory?

@da_senator - I wouldn't start the same team, i'll introduce Coquelin, Gabriel and either move Ramsey to the middle or start him from the bench. I am confident of victory.

@Emmillio_ - I’d play the same team with the exception of Ramsey, who I would switch for Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain (I think every other Arsenal fan would). Ramsey should quite simply be starting in Cazorla’s position or be on the bench, but he’ll start. Because of that amongst other things I’m 50/50 confident on the win, as Man United can play awful and win, but we can play brilliantly and still lose. We absolutely need to take our early chances and kill the game off early.

@LaGoonerVida - I don't think that there's anything that can stop us from getting the win. I just hope for impartial refereeing that's all!

@The_jersey_fitz – I’d keep 10 of this XI for the United game and start one of Coquelin or Arteta, depending on if Coquelin is fit or not. I’m never particularly confident ahead of big games, but I can definitely see us getting a win against United.

7) Manchester City have lost two in a row in the Premier League, do you think we can mount a title challenge?

@da_senator - well the season is just starting and if you look at the first 6 teams, the difference between them is just a game or 2, so the table can still take any form, all Arsenal needs now is consistency and this starts with beating Man U

@Emmillio_ - We F@#!!ing better (excuse the language). We can mount a title challenge and this could be our best chance of winning it for a long, long time, but I don’t think Wenger will make the tough decisions needed for us to win it. He has already shown this by refusing to bench Ramsey and last year his insistence on trying to fit in Wilshere, Ramsey, and Ozil into the same starting 11 killed any chances we had of winning it last year. For me though Man City are the favourites, regardless of their losses and Man United I feel will be the dark horses, especially with them keeping De Gea. Chelsea may struggle this year, which would be a sackable offence in my opinion

@LaGoonerVida - I'll be as honest about as honest I can be. I'm not an optimist, by any means. But there's always something about this club that just gets me. I never ever rule this club out of anything. I always hope to win the CL, the BPL and every other trophy each and every year. I just don't feel like we're entitled to it. And at no point do I question the desire of the team or manager to do so. I'm honestly hoping for a big 'in this year. I think we can win the CL or the the BPL. It's still early days, and you never know what insane run the boys can put up! Just look at the second half of the last season.

@The_jersey_fitz – I don’t see any reason why not.  City are struggling with injuries and are dropping points, Chelsea continue to be pretty awful, and United have been scraping wins, but have yet to really impress this season.  For all the hysteria about our start to the season, we’re only three points off top.

8) Any other thoughts?

@da_senator - my thought for the game is that Arsenal should always be at alert while countering other teams and not loose balls anyhow during a counter attack.

@Emmillio_- Good win against a good team. It was a performance all us fans, especially the ones that travelled up there truly deserved as well and I’m happy. Today also showed why we need Coquelin, as against a top top team, we could have easily drawn that game. Roll on the next game

@LaGoonerVida - I just want to say that it's a bit of a shame how divided our fan base is. After the Chelsea game it was astonishing at how quite a few Arsenal 'fans' were slagging off Cazorla, Gabriel and AW. They were blamed wrongly for the utterly farcical game and for being sent off by a piss poor referee. I've seen how other clubs and fans create a siege mentality when under pressure and use that to really hit back hard and get back to the top. We can never ever do that because our own fans try to pull the team, the players and the manager down! I think it's criminal and that we really need to sit down and have a think about how our behaviours affects the club we all love.

@The_jersey_fitz –
Nacho Monreal might just be the second best left back in the league behind Azpilicueta.  Who would have thought that a year ago?


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