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1) Top of the league this evening which is a good feeling. How are you feeling about the team at the moment?

@chuxugo - Very upbeat. We've been the best team in the country in 2015 and deserve to be where we are at the moment, top of the league. Long may it continue.

@EladArsenal – Great. Unlike others, I believed even when we lost earlier in the season that we would pull through, and with our current injury record I feel like we’re in a strong position to lead a charge for the (quite pointless) Christmas championship.

@kevin_mega - I'm enjoying the form we are in at the moment and feeling confident. However I  don't want to get my hopes up just yet, still have a long way to go. We have the right balance between attack and defence and even with injuries we can still grind out big results. Four wins in a row, 10 goals and 1 conceded , can't ask for much more just hope the form continues

@Seanthum - Fantastic. Absolutely fantastic. As cliche it may sound, le Prof has gotten himself a complete and cohesive unit, capable of blasting opposing teams to smithereens. I am positively buzzing.

2) What did you make of the team changes today, in particular Giroud for Walcott?

@chuxugo - Giroud for Walcott was a good call. Everton were always going to sit deep and try to catch us on the break. Given their tactical setup, Walcott would have struggled to find any space to run in behind their defence. And in hindsight, Wenger got it right.

@EladArsenal – After his midweek cameo against Munich I was fairly optimistic about Giroud upfront today. He bullied the Everton back four and created a few really good chances, and of course his goal.

@kevin_mega - It's easy to say that the team selection was right because we won. In regards to Giroud or Walcott you can never really tell which player would be more suitable to start. But what it does give us is a different option in terms of attack if things aren't going well which is something we haven't seen in a while.

@Seanthum - For a long time Arsenal have been criticized as predictable; thus it is satisfying to find ourselves in this healthy position whereby we can call upon two strikers of distinct styles and attributes to dismantle opposition defenses based on their playing style; in other words, we can tailor our tactics based on the strengths of the opponents. I suspect the fact that Walcott started against Bayern, and also Giroud's stellar record playing against Everton played a role in influencing the manager's decision to start Giroud against the Toffees. One thing is for sure, Giroud sounded the klaxon for a selection dilemma with his match-winning display against Everton.

3) How did you feel the team played overall today and do you think they felt the effects from Tuesday night?

@chuxugo - I think we played well today, nothing spectacular, stuck to the task at hand and got the 3 points in the end. There was always going to be a slight hangover after the Bayern win but if we want to be Champions, these are the sort of games we need to be winning, and we did just that, so can't complain too much. However, we need to stop making life difficult for ourselves by conceding sloppy goals like the one we did today. This victory could have been a lot more straight forward if we had gone into the break 2-0 up at HT.

@EladArsenal - I think we played like championship candidates. Despite the enormous effort the guys put in at midweek, they shot out at Everton from the off and almost killed the game in the 1st half. And when our back four played like they did in the second half, I had no doubt we’d win the game.

@kevin_mega - I feel the team played really well despite playing a very difficult and different game on Tuesday night.  Perhaps if we were 1-0 down with ten minutes to go then we could have seen some tired legs in trying to chase a goal back.

@Seanthum - We took quite some time to get our engines running, and the opening exchanges were not as fluent as I am accustomed to seeing. We can certainly attribute the slowness of our start to the fact that most of our players played against Bayern on Tuesday, however the soggy pitch slowing our play down didn't help matters. Both our goals came from aerial balls at a period where we were unable to make much headway as the ball kept getting stuck on the pitch.
In the second half we gave a polished performance with more zip, and while Everton had many opportunities with the ball, I felt we were in the driving seat all game long.

4) Who was your Arsenal man of the match today and why?

@chuxugo - It has to be Mesut Ozil. Bossed the game from start to finish. Could easily have had a goal and more assists. He's really starting to show his true class on a consistent basis.

@EladArsenal – Ozil. Before the game I thought Arsene might rest him and I’m so glad he didn’t. I can’t think of a player I like watching more when he plays like this. His assist was brilliant but even more, the way he controlled the game, these twists and turns infront of the Everton (kinda helpless) players.

@kevin_mega - Giroud was my man of the match today, that's the sort of performance that you would expect from a top striker from a top club. It was refreshing to see a different approach to our attack and he was superb. Scored a goal, his hold up play was superb and he was there to help in defence. Couldn't have asked more from him.

@Seanthum - There are many outstanding performers today, and I would like to mention all of our players played as a collective unit for this win to materialise.  However, I would like to honour Mesut Ozil for his performance today. Everton were a resolute unit before his lob found Giroud's head en route to the back of the net, and his dancing with the ball was a joy to watch throughout the match. Statisticians may credit him with only an assist (and a lot of key passes), but in truth, his integral role in picking Everton apart can only be fully appreciated by watching him play.

5) Who wasn't quite at his best and why do you think that is?

@chuxugo - The Ox. He needs to work on the defensive aspects of his game and improve on his decision making in the final third. He always seems to lose the ball at crucial moments, leaving us exposed and vulnerable at the back. He really needs to work hard between now and end of the season or else it could be curtains on his Arsenal career. I wish him all the best.

@EladArsenal – Monreal for me had a bit of a let off, but it’s understandable after having to carry Muller in his pocket the entire game at midweek.  Particularly one wayward pass at the edge of the area which led to the shot and the Lukaku header off the post where if you see the replay, he was nowhere to be found.

@kevin_mega - It was clear to see that Sanchez wasn't at his best. He looked tired and couldn't really get into the game and I think playing so many games recently has taken a toll on him, at least he will get a chance to rest on Tuesday. Also have to mention Ox as not being at his best.

@Seanthum - Most of our players were slow to begin, and that could be attributed to less favourable conditions on the pitch. However, I personally feel Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain can do better with his decision making in the final third. There was a moment of genius when he tore through the Everton midfield as if it was soft cheese, and that gave us a glimpse at his potential in central midfield. However, he was ineffective on the ball most of the game, and unless he improves on his delivery of the final ball, the place on the right wing remains firmly in Ramsey's grasp.

6) Sheffield Wednesday in the Capital One Cup, which first team players would you start for that one? In fact give me your line up for that game.

@chuxugo - Cech, Debuchy, Per, Gabriel, Gibbs, Flamini, Chambers, Iwobi, Campbell, Ox, Walcott

@EladArsenal – Macey; Debuchy, Chambers, Per, Gibbs; Flamini, Adelaide, Chamberlain, Iwobi, Campbell, Giroud.
Ideally, I’d love to see Wenger field a team that is as young as possible. I really can’t rate the COC low enough.

@kevin_mega - It's difficult to pick a team but I feel like the first team could do with a rest especially with a tough game coming up away to Swansea on Saturday so my team would be:
 Cech; Debuchy, Chambers, Gabriel, Gibbs; Flamini, Ox, Iwobi, , Adelaide, Campbell, Walcott

@Seanthum - Given that we are to play Swansea and Bayern Munich in Wales and Germany in the week following the game against Sheffield Wednesday, we ought be prudent when we select the team. First team players who are confined to the bench are expected to start, and I wouldn't be surprised if we are looking at an entire new XI. Debuchy, Gibbs, Flamini, and friends should feature, and I would not start Walcott; let's give our youngsters a chance, shall we?

7) How far can Arsenal go in the league this season?

@chuxugo -  All the way. We just need to keep up the good work, stay injury free and keep on believing. There is more than enough room for improvement in our play and this should worry our rivals as we approach the first third of the season. Fingers crossed, this could be our year

@EladArsenal – As I said, I think we can go all the way. It really all depends on our injuries. If we can keep both Alexis and Walcott fit for the entire season, I think we’ve got a decent chance. Why not Ozil? Because In Walcott we have something other teams don’t, and in what he’s shown so far this season he could do great.

@kevin_mega - I think we can win the league but it's still early days. We look quite strong at the moment but do not want to get my hopes up, lets see where we are at the end of the year first.

@Seanthum - I dare not say my thoughts for fear of jinxing it; but should we keep up our performances, we will go quite far. Title contenders, I would say for now.

8) Any other thoughts?

@chuxugo - I just want to give a special mention to Arsene Wenger. He never really gets praised when the team is playing well but gets a lot of stick when we go on a poor run. He has employed a variety of tactical approaches over the last few games and has delivered the goods when it mattered. He is responsible for the feel good factor around the club at the moment and deserves a lot of credit for his efforts.

@EladArsenal – How great is the Kos-Gabriel partnership coming along? How great Gabriel looks? I really love his passion and attitude. Think about it: Scouting teams are tearing the world apart to find Koscielnyesque players and we’ve now got two!

@kevin_mega - Loving Ozil at the moment, I'll admit that I was critical of him at the start but he's proving his worth. Its a great time to be an Arsenal fan.

@Seanthum - We are on a strong string of performances which has proven our credentials as title contenders. Many teams struggle after a big game, for big games sap energy mentally and physically, and more often than not players are unable to rouse themselves to sustain that high which is associated with playing big games. We have shown that, after matches against Manchester United and Bayern Munich, we are still capable of turning up with the required grit and determination to see off 'lesser' teams (I'm sorry, Watford and Everton). We are on an upward trajectory. If we can keep this up, we can hope the trophy comes to the Emirates for the very first time.


Thanks as ever to the guys above for the great responses. If you would like to follow the guys above, just search the twitter handle and get following.

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