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1) What did you make of the starting line up? With the benefit of hindsight, would you have made any changes to that side?

@1tsNico - Looks at the score, looks at the starting line up: No!

@j_somnambulist - Mostly expected line up. I was really excited to see Ozil back (obviously) but equally excited to see Xhaka and Cazorla together. I hope to see this pairing a lot. Clearly Ox is regressing somewhat. So in hindsight, maybe he doesn't play. But the assumption is Giroud is not completely ready. And I don't think you put Wilshere up with Alexis and Theo.

@leouzzi - The starting line up was very attacking on paper and without Coquelin, i was a bit worried about our defensive shape, if we didn't click going forward.

2) In your opinion what was the difference in our game compared to the opening day of the season for example?

@1tsNico - Ozil back

@j_somnambulist - It felt like the difference was tempo and speed. Cazorla for all his wonder maybe just doesn't quite have it in to playing the 10 anymore. But putting him next to Xhaka and letting Ozil do his beautiful work just frees things up completely. And Theo was surprisingly all over. I saw some on Twitter make the comment about how we would have had even more goals with a serious winger in Ox's place. Seems pretty spot on. #WelcomeLucas

@leouzzi - We had what was closer to our best team in play, and we can be devastatingly dangerous with our best available. We looked a lot closer to physical sharpness as against the first game of the season as well. tactically we pressed quicker upfront and were defensively more aware of danger.

3) Who was Arsenal's best player on the day and why?

@1tsNico - Alexis Sanchez no question fought like always and the assist for Ozil was great.

@j_somnambulist - Well you can't ignore Alexis with a goal and 2 assists- one which could end up being one of the best of the season. Every game he gets closer to full strength. But Xhaka was awesome too. Game 3 of the season and I can't wait to see him and Ozil completely on the same page moving back to front.

@leouzzi - It is a tough one to single out one player. For me Cech was massive in goal, Koscielny led admirably, Holding played like an old head, Santi, Xhaka & Cazorla were classy, while Walcott & Sanchez were our most effective going forward.

4) Which Arsenal player(s) were not at their best and why?

@1tsNico - Felt like Ox was a bit off in his decision making

@j_somnambulist - Oxlade-Chamberlain is the stand out. He is a damn mystery to me. I see his biggest problem a lack of decisiveness. With the absence of decision making, he barrels forward. And that often leads to lost balls or bad shots. Like most fans, I really want him to do well. But I feel my frustration growing and wearing thin. With Lucas coming in, Iwobi and Gnabry coming back and Theo playing well, he has to be on a very short leash.

@leouzzi - The Ox was probably the least effective player on the pitch, while Bellerin & Monreal were not at their best, but played okay.

5) The midfield three played together for the first time, would that be your starting midfield in future?

@1tsNico - That's a question that I'll answer after I'm paid £7m /year. We have have Ramsey (inj) , Whilshere and Elneny to think about

@j_somnambulist - I love it. And think it would be my starting three. I'm not the biggest fan of Ramsey. But you know a place is going to be made for him when he is fit. I love what El Neny has done since he joined the team. But if everyone is fit, I want those three making the moves to get the team flowing.

@leouzzi - The Midfield three is the the most technically endowed in the league and would be the preferred three, where the need for such comes up. We would definitely need different combinations over the course of the season based on the quality and structure of opposing teams.

6) What did you make of Alexis Sanchez at centre forward today?

@1tsNico - Wait *counts number of beer bottles* Was Sanchez a CF today? Except the penalty all his key work for the goals came from the left so.... #WelcomeLucasPerez

@j_somnambulist - Okay? I guess I'm not sold on it. I find myself really noticing him being out of position when is the centre forward. Maybe it's my own prejudice in what I want from the centre forward, but when I see him dropping so far back it drives me crazy. But he's Alexis. He does what he wants.

@leouzzi - Arsene has come in for a lot of stick, due to Alexis not having good performances in the two previous games, but anyone who does know him well, would expect Trust in his best forward, It paid of today, and i believe Sanchez has the ability to play effectively in that position when called upon to do so.

7) It looks as if we will sign Perez and Mustafi, with those two players on top of what we have, can we fight for the title?

@1tsNico - That Mourinho fella already bought the title so no

@j_somnambulist - I think I am always an optimist. I'd like to think even without them we could. But if the team starts firing and winning games AND they are both given time to work into the team, I really feel like by the end of 2016 the team could look really, really good. So title fight? I go with a firm but cautious yes.

@leouzzi - Let there be no doubt, we already have a squad to fight for the title, but we probably needed an injection of a bit more quality to compete across all fronts through the season. We have got two really good players ( Lucas especially, who i have followed for about 9 months due to club interest raised late last year).

8) Are you hopeful of any more additions or is that it for incoming this window?

@1tsNico - Do we still need anyone?

@j_somnambulist - I have not a single hope that there will be more additions. And if I am honest with myself, barring a serious injury crisis, I don't think we need any. This is the team. And they are quality. I think it's about getting this team in a system the gets the best out of them all. And when I look at them against any other top side, I think they stand up.

@leouzzi - We have plugged the holes needed, especially getting a forward who can play across the front three positions and a defender who can cover the Center-Back and Right-Back positions.

9) Any other thoughts?

@1tsNico - Bloody kit choice innit? Still crying tears of blood after watching that kit clash with Watford's. Oh and Gomes is a twat.

@j_somnambulist - I can't believe how much I am looking forward to the transfer window being closed. I've reached my limit of speculation and online bickering. It will be so nice to just be able to look at the team and see what needs to be improved within without hearing all about the where the answers come from on the outside.

@leouzzi - We have a really good squad, and without a crisis on the injury front, we will fight for the title. We are the Arsenal and We move.......


Thanks as ever to the guys above for the responses. If you would like to follow the guys above, just search the twitter handle and get following.

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