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But what is the answer? We’ve not found an answer to it for a while now. I find it difficult to work out how much of that is an Arsenal issue or a build up from the back issue that all teams struggle with. Either way, we need to find some answers and not find ourselves struggling to pass the ball quickly due to not playing for 12 days or whatever it is and also continuing our run of slow starts. We get this wrong in the first 25 minutes and we can find ourselves 2-0 down

Imagine Robben running down the right cutting inside Monreal, poking it to Lewandowski who tries a first time shot which is saved by Ospina’s legs, Koscielny takes a swing at the ball to clear but it hits Muller and bounces around before Bellerin cleans up, playing it inside to Mustafi who plays it on to Xhaka, Xhaka passes in between Alonso and Vidal to Oxlade-Chamberlain who bursts past the outstretched leg of Thiago Alcântara. Sprinting up field, Ox plays it wide to Ozil who swings inside on his left and slides a ball into Welbeck who bursts into the box and cuts it back to Alexis who thumps it high past Neuer to make it 3-0

It’s not so much the personnel but the way we approach the game that will be key. Arsene has spoken about the need to be united and show we are a strong unit, words won’t make that happen, the players on the pitch will have to back up the manager and fight for the club on the pitch. A bad result would be another huge blow for the confidence of the team in such a critical period in the season. It looks like a straight out fight for the places under Chelsea and a bad run of form from any team will slam a massive dent into their chances

This is pretty much judgement day when it comes to any hopes of lifting the Premier League title. Lose the game today and the gap between Arsenal and Chelsea will be 12 points, that will be pretty much insurmountable. Beat Chelsea at Stamford Bridge and the lead is cut down to 6 which would still be extremely difficult given some of the away fixtures we have left this season but you just never know. Victory against the side top of the league could inject this side with some unshakable confidence and you know what Arsene’s teams are like with a big fat dose of super belief. Yeah not the complacency stuff by the way, I mean the stuff that the invincibles had by the bucket load

I hope we fly out of the traps as we did at Southampton and given how much Arsenal are creatures of habit, I think that is ex`actly how we will approach the game tonight. At the start of the season we were quite front footed and it is only in recent weeks we have begun to start games slowly only to turn up the heat in the second half. I do wonder if some of that is by design to some extent. Arsene is big on the last twenty minutes of games and you can see that with his substitution methods. How many times has he said post matches that ‘we took over when they became tired’

It gives Arsene a few decisions to make before kick off. We expect Burnley to come and sit back and attempt to stop us from playing/scoring so if sharp and fully fit, I’d like to see Kieran Gibbs come back into the team for this game, I would imagine that both of our full backs will be pretty advanced which will allow Alexis to play much closer to Giroud assuming he starts

Who is Arsene going to drop? Alex Iwobi was one of our better players at Preston, including a poor first half from the team. He looks like he is on the way up again, does Arsene put the breaks on that rise? Lucas Perez has given us some massive contributions in the box in the last two games. Without him we may have lost both matches. And what of Giroud? It’s a funny one for me. I share the opinion that we are a more fluid and creative team with Alexis playing as our centre forward, Giroud is a great option from the bench etc. But he is fresher than most in the squad and is banging in goals for fun

  • 15 Sep 2015
    So let me stop reminiscing of days gone by and let me focus on our Welsh wonder. Let me start off by saying that I think it is quite obvious that Aaron Ramsey is better in central midfield. His partnership with Mesut Özil, his running from deep and his underrated ball winning ability makes him a ...Read more