The footballing gods have been very cruel yet extremely kind at the same time. Maybe Alan Hansen and co were right with the ridiculous suggestion that it all evens itself out in the end (top ten most annoying cliches ever?)

So what evens itself out I hear you ask? Well imagine thumping Manchester United 3-0 with some exhilarating football only to be told that you have to wait for further Arsenal football action due to International football. Not only is that cruel but I think it's bloody rude. Players of Arsenal class have to mingle with the likes of common muck such as Harry Kane, Joe Allen and erm Thomas Müller. But, but! I think we can all agree that some goals spread around the squad whilst away and no injuries (even though the Chile manager tried his very best) means that things could have been far worse for Arsenal. It's a little difficult feeling sorry for Manchester City after years and years of the same issues at Arsenal football club.

So today Arsenal are taking a short trip past my house to Vicarage Road to play newly (is it newly in October?) promoted Watford who have started the season pretty well, especially defensively. They have only conceded 7 goals so far which is the same as the mighty Arsenal, Manchester City, Crystal Palace and some other club. In fact Watford have conceded 10 goals less than Chelsea. So last seasons Champions who are an utter mess this season have allowed more than double of newly (or not) promoted Watford. So John Terry and his.... you know the rest.

Arsène said quite categorically that he won't have Bayern Munich on his mind when it comes to team selection which is great to hear. Although I wouldn't be surprised if Mr Alexis Sanchez starts the game on the bench which is somewhat unfair really. Why should Chile get the benefits of his services and we are left nursing currently our most productive attacking player but then again, this is Alexis Sanchez and rumours of mechanical body parts are yet to be disproven. He has passed a fitness test so maybe his groin is all shiny and stuff. I suspect there will be no other surprises with selection which means a whole host of people moaning about Aaron Ramsey on the right even when we win and he contributes to the victory.

I am also interested to know what Arsene will do at centre back now that Laurent Koscielny is back ready for action. We now have three first choice centre backs, all good enough to call themselves first choice which is pretty much what I have already said so will Gabriel keep his place in the team? Will Kos be brought back in as he is our best. If that is the case then does Per start with Kos as they have the best understanding. It will be harsh on whoever does not play but we have another game in a few days time so may we will see a bit of rotation.

Mean Lean's Predicted Line Up:

So time to get back on the horse, preferably the 3-0 up before 40 minutes horse but it is difficult to play that way if the team do not come out the way that Manchester United did, I haven't watched any of Watford this season but their defensive record suggests they won't have two full backs flying up the pitch in the first 15 minutes of the game.

I think if we can find our Arsenal riddim nice and early then we should win this game, it is important we build on the magic that was the Manchester United win. I would love to see someone like Aaron Ramsey get back on the score sheet so he can get some more confidence in his game and also get the credit he deserves.

Fingers crossed, back later with new post match stuff.

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'till later