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I swear my nerves are still all over the place after that game yesterday. Not even quite sure how to put it into words.

Moments like those are pretty rare, ultimately we could all look back at the end of the season and it could mean very little but I for one, like to enjoy those small moments like these because they do not come around very often.

I am sure we all have that feeling inside our stomach when time is running out and you are desperately hoping that we will get that one chance that hasn’t quite fallen our way. But rarely does it ever come. Then comes that painful full time whistle which is like a dagger straight to the heart. We have all been here time and time again.

But it’s football so you never know what will happen. So when such time comes around again you cling onto that hope that today might be the day where it comes off for you and your team.

Granted, we have scored more than our fair share of late goals this season but after Burnley’s Andre Gray had struck down the middle of Petr Cech’s goal from the penalty spot, I was a defeated man. I had flashbacks of my mocking and chuckling at Klopp’s Liverpool only 24 hours earlier. How our trip to Stamford Bridge in a few weeks would mean very little but then we kicked off again and poured forward so I clung onto that hope. Mustafi and Koscielny were now playing in the Burnley penalty box.

Koscielny had been hobbling for a good 10-15 minutes before the Burnley equaliser yet he found the resources (as Arsene would say) to push and make a telling contribution.

As Alexis turned to his left to play the ball to his team mate, I am glad it was Mustafi in Monreal’s position instead of the left back because more than likely we would have had a cross into the box headed out before the dreaded final whistle.

How hard must it be to get through a side set up like this with time ticking away?

Instead Mustafi decided against using his left foot and played it back to Alexis who arched a dinked ball to the far post, to be fair it was a very good ball given just how many Burnley shirts where in the way and Mee booted an offside Koscielny in the face. Penalty!

I leapt around my kitchen like a crazed lunatic until I realised that we had no players on the pitch who like scoring from the spot for Arsenal. Alexis as we all know has missed all his spot kicks so far for the Gunners and the excitement was quickly replaced by nerves once again. Well that was until Alexis stupidly and ridiculously cooly chipped it down the middle for the most dramatic of dramatic winners. Pandemonium ensued in the stadium and I am sure thousands of Arsenal supporting homes around the world.

After the final whistle the missus came into the kitchen to talk to me about something or other and I found it difficult to actually hear what she was talking about as I stood in shock, still trembling from all the emotion of it all.

That is what football is about, raw emotion that doesn’t get replicated by many ‘non important’ things in life.

I have not spoken about the countless other incidents during that game but I don’t think I will this time. This game will be remembered for one of those rare moments and because it’s so rare I am going to cherish it regardless of how this season finishes. I'd love the season to finish like one of those horse racing finishes like you'd find on Needless to say, I hope it's Arsenal that win the photo finish.

  • 15 Sep 2015
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