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19-year old Mattéo Guendouzi eh? Wow. Dude was playing in the 2nd division of French football last season and now he's been shoved into the starting line up against the best team in the Premier League. You can only imagine that Unai believes that Torreira is not match fit yet which is a shame given his strengths would have been quite helpful against a team who are so good around your penalty area.

The rest of the team is as I expected it to be.

So here is a pre-game prediction. Ainsley Maitland-Niles is going to pocket Riyad Mahrez. He will be cutting onto AMN's strongest foot, he can't outrun him and is physically weaker than our guy.

You know what, the line up has been out for over 45 minutes and I haven't even looked at the City team. I mean what's the point? They will be strong all over the pitch.

Ok the nerves are kicking in as the players walk onto the pitch, not entirely sure what I'm nervous about, I should be feeling rather relaxed about this because we are not the favourites.

15 seconds

100% Possession for Arsenal so far! Lovely stuff :-)

2 mins:

Ramsey with the first chance of the game. A little like Iwobi's in pre-season, tried an outside of the foot shot from a decent position but could not catch it right. Shame.

3 mins:

Xhaka dropping really deep and pinging a long pass over to Özil but it's offside. OOh Guendouzi is down, a bad tackle from Sterling and the England  man (Jamaican if you're the Daily Mail) picks up a yellow card.

5 mins:

Blimey Walker is fast. Blows past AMN. A nice example of our pressing game as we win it back. Oops Xhaka gives the ball away outside of our box but we manage to deal with it. We've got to get that out of our game and fast.

7 mins:

Mahrez and Walker double teaming against AMN. We have to watch out for that. Mkhitaryan will have to drop and give the young man a hand.

9 mins:

Cech makes a good stop from Sterling who dances his way through our box. Not great defending by Mustafi there

10 mins:

City trying to play out from the back, Ramsey pressing really high up the pitch with Özil dropping in it seems. Mkhitaryan won it but then lost it quickly.

Pretty even stuff so far even if City have had the better chances so far .

14 mins:

Oh crap! Sterling with a good goal. He has danced across three players and shoots into the corner. Not great defensively there.

16 mins:

Has Aubameyang touched the ball yet?

City are cutting through us at will.

18 mins:

Aubameyang touches the ball but Guendouzi can't find him with a through pass.

20 mins:

Ahhhh! Bellerin with a nice touch into his path but shoots straight at City's keeper. Should have hit it across the keeper and not at him. Great chance squandered.

21 mins:

Jesus! Cech with almost the greatest own goal of all time. Almost passed the ball into his own net.

26 mins:

Xhaka with a bad touch near our box and City break, Sokratis takes one for the team with a foul. Cech makes a double save.

We've got to tighten up defensively and stay in this game. If City score a second, it's over.

Walker's pace is really impressive. Maitland-Niles looks hurt, we do not have many options at left back so I really hope he is ok.

Maitland-Niles doesn't look great at the moment. But he hops back onto the pitch.

32 mins:

A good Arsenal move results in Mkhitaryan trying to make space for a shot but cannot find the room. Good play from Ramsey and Mesut in the build up.

AMN cannot run at all. He will surely come off. Yup, the experienced Stefan Lichtsteiner will replace the young man. It's a straight swap, I wondered if Bellerin would move there but Emery has gone like for like.

38 mins:

We've put a hault to our press it seems. City playing out from the back with no real pressure on them.

Bloody eck! We almost put ourselves under pressure again following a Cech short pass. Guendouzi just about gets us out of it.

40 mins:

Özil with a chance to have a go but decides to clip it into the box instead. Mahrez goes down the other end and curls one wide. The game is quite stretched now. Need to keep it to one goal before half-time.

44 mins:

Aubameyang with his first shot of the game, a long-range drive wide of the near post.


51 mins:

Big mix up between Ramsey and Özil which brings about a huge sigh from the Emirates crowd. Xhaka gets booked for hanging out a leg. It's not been his afternoon today that's for sure.

Lacazette is warming up, good, we need something a bit different. Laca coming on but who for? Perhaps Mkhitaryan.

Nope it's Aaron Ramsey who comes off, probably down to his recent injury. Will Mkhitaryan drop into midfield? Or will Mesut go to number 10?

Oooh!! Lacazette has just come onto the pitch and hits a half-volley just wide. Lacazette making a difference already.

57 mins:

Kevin De Bruyne is coming on while Stephan Lichtsteiner is getting into his customary scrap. Mahrez off and De Bruyne on. Not a bad sub to have eh?

60 mins:

Agghhhh! Özil given offside when in a great position following a Xhaka floated pass.


Laca with a delightful touch. The crowd are up for it now, a goal now would be sweet!

Jeeez!! Guendouzi misses the ball as the last man on the pitch. Aguero is clean through but Cech saves. He should have squared that to...

2-0! Bernardo Silva just whacks the ball into the top corner. Game over!

Crap, we were just growing into this game with that Lacazette change.

78 mins:

Torreira floats it through to Aubameyang who scores but it's offside. Oh yeah, Torreira came on for Xhaka, sorry I forgot to do the typing thing. That second City goal has left me a little deflated.

80 mins:

Özil collects a ball inside the box but for once his touch lets him down.

83 mins:

Edison makes a terrible error and we really should have scored but.. but.. I don't really know what happened. Lacazette kinda left it and the keeper picked it up. Weird.

85 mins:

Özil puts it into the net again and yet again another offside.


Ok, so we lost against a better team but there were some positives to take from the game too. It's Emery's first competitive game and we won't play against a better team than City very often. A few players will certainly have to sharpen up.

Chelsea away next up.

  • 15 Sep 2015
    So let me stop reminiscing of days gone by and let me focus on our Welsh wonder. Let me start off by saying that I think it is quite obvious that Aaron Ramsey is better in central midfield. His partnership with Mesut Özil, his running from deep and his underrated ball winning ability makes him a ...Read more